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What Our IT Strategy Consulting Brings to Your Business

Boost IT System Performance 

Get tailored insights that boost IT performance and accelerate growth. As leading Chicago IT consultants, we’ll work with you and develop new strategies to help you get more value out of your IT investments with:

  • Integrated cybersecurity
  • Proactive IT management
  • After-hours helpdesk IT support
  • Accelerated onboarding processes
  • And more

Don’t get stuck with an IT infrastructure that doesn’t support your business goals. Our consultancy company will develop new strategies that propel your business forward.

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Meet your business objectives with expert insight from our IT consultants.

Why We are a Top Choice for IT Consulting in Chicago

23 Years

Years providing IT consulting services in Chicago


Money back guarantee on all IT consulting services


IT support tickets resolved annually

Chicago IT Consulting Services

Simplify IT Management With a All-in-One Chicago IT Consulting Company

Working with multiple providers to get your IT needs leads to inconsistent advice and unnecessary confusion and expenses. 

As a leader among IT consulting companies, we simplify managed IT services. 

Our IT consulting firm has dedicated lines of business for each operational area of IT service, including hardware, software, processes, strategy, and more. 

All services are billed with a single all-in price, with a la carte pricing options available.

We also offer a 90-day opt-out clause and 100% money back guarantee on all services. If our IT consulting does not meet your needs, cancel your contract within the 90-day period and move on, no questions asked. 

Enjoy complete flexibility from one of the premier IT consulting firms in Chicago.

Faster Onboarding for Rapid Deployment

Unlike other IT companies in Chicago that have long, labor-intensive onboarding, OSG understands that new technologies need to be deployed without delay.

That’s why we’ve built a fast and efficient onboarding process to support our IT solutions consulting

The process includes thorough documentation of your IT needs across:

We’ll perform a detailed review of your infrastructure to ensure that all IT needs are managed correctly from the first day of service. 

Our dedication to full service outsourcing and customer success has made us one of the top IT consulting firms in Chicago.

Trustworthy IT Consulting Services
our Chicago IT consulting serviceS

Cost-Effective IT Consulting Services for Chicago

Most IT consulting firms do the agreed-upon work and then leave you with a long list of extra charges that can seriously impact your budget.

We rely on a different approach at OSG. As one of Aurora’s premier IT consulting companies, our goal is to deliver quality IT consulting services that are free of hidden fees.

Work with us and benefit from proactive IT consulting services that include:

Partner with OSG for affordable IT solutions consulting that secures a better future for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our IT consulting services start by assessing your business needs. We customize solutions to boost your IT infrastructure and drive efficiency.

This involves analyzing your existing systems, pinpointing improvement areas, and implementing tailored strategies.

We work closely with your team to ensure these solutions align with your business goals, providing support and guidance throughout the process.

Updating old technology is essential because newer technology offers improved security, efficiency, and features that keep your business competitive.

Even if old technology appears to function well, it might not perform tasks as quickly or reliably as newer versions. Moreover, it may not integrate as smoothly with other IT tools.

Most importantly, older systems often stop receiving updates, leaving them vulnerable to security threats.

With Outsource Solutions Group, you can adjust your services as your IT needs change.

We allow you to scale your IT services up or down to match your business’s evolving requirements.

Our approach ensures we can quickly tailor solutions to meet new demands, providing a cost-effective way to manage your IT services.

IT consulting enhances your business by optimizing information technology. It involves improving IT infrastructure, software, hardware, and data management.

Technology consulting is broader in scope. It focuses on improving business processes, fostering innovation, and strengthening strategic positions through diverse technologies.

Although IT consulting falls within technology consulting, both play distinct roles in boosting your operational efficiency and providing a competitive edge.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to tell us what you need. Share your business goals with us, and we’ll handle the rest.

We focus on translating your objectives into effective technology solutions that drive your business forward.

We’re also happy to explain how IT works if you’re interested, but understanding the technical details is not required.