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From network builds to data backup to cloud computing, Outsource Solutions Group will ensure IT efficiency

Why choose Outsource Solutions Group for your IT Company in Chicago?

OSG is the cybersecurity and IT services company in Chicago for small and medium businesses. Our team has numerous certifications that ensure we can work with your IT system, whatever it looks like.

With integrated cybersecurity services at no additional cost, OSG sweeps away the competition. We keep your systems updated and locked down with after hours support included.

Unlike some other IT companies in Chicago, OSG doesn’t charge our clients for site visit travel time. We only charge you for our services because that’s something we can guarantee.

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Leading the Pack: Why Our IT Company Stands Out in Chicago

Comprehensive IT Services

End-to-end support for all your networks, hardware, and software.

Money Back Guarantee

Our 90 day opt out clause ensures that you get quality IT services.

Cybersecurity Coverage

All of our IT packages include cybersecurity coverage at no extra charge.

No Surprise Fees

Our all-in pricing model ensures that you can easily budget for IT services.

After Hours Support

Hackers work around the clock, so why shouldn’t your IT company?

Site Visits Included

Other IT firms in Chicago charge for time spent traveling to your facility. Not us.

Streamlined Client Portal

Never wait on hold or get your email lost in the shuffle. Manage tickets right in our client portal.

Cloud Integration

Overhaul your systems by bringing them into the cloud and access your networks anywhere.

IT Strategic Planning

If you’re ready for an upgrade, or want to work towards one, we can help you plan your IT strategy.

How We Excel Among IT Companies in Chicago


Technical certifications among our team members


Years providing IT services in Chicago


Money back guarantee with 90 day opt out

Revolutionize Your Tech: Premier Services from Our Chicago IT Company

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One Invoice, One Vendor

Outsource Solutions Group provides comprehensive, all-inclusive IT services at a single price. With our services you will not need a separate company for cybersecurity or software license management.

Each month, you will receive one invoice from us for all of your IT services for a price agreed upon in your contract. With our 90 day opt out, you can be sure that our services are satisfactory for your IT needs or your money back.

Complimentary Cybersecurity

Many IT companies in Chicago don’t provide cybersecurity services at all, leaving you to hire another company or manage your protection yourself. At Outsource Solutions Group, we believe that no IT system is complete without comprehensive cybersecurity protection.

Our cybersecurity coverage includes software consulting, helpdesk support, and more. Secure your systems with Outsource Solutions Group.

Our IT Company Services in Chicago

Supercharge Your IT

Get the Most Out of Your Technology with Outsource Solutions Group

Chicago IT Company Services

After Hours Support

In the global digital economy, your IT systems always need to be available whether it’s to maintain a website or to allow employees to work after hours. Software errors, hackers, and other failure vectors don’t restrict themselves to a 9-5 and neither should your IT company.

Outsource Solutions Group provides after hours support at no extra charge to ensure that your IT systems are always available and protected.

Comprehensive Onboarding

We start working on your IT systems from day one to assure that they are managed appropriately. This process includes portal activation, infrastructure mapping, documentation, access control, and more.

We take all clients through our onboarding checklist to ensure that all of your IT processes are efficient and documented.

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Chicago IT Company - Frequently Asked Questions

By hiring Outsource Solutions Group, you gain a partner that boosts your existing IT department’s capabilities.

We take on the day-to-day IT operations, enabling your team to focus on strategic planning and innovation.

This approach lets your IT staff prioritize significant projects and innovative solutions, enhancing your business’s efficiency and competitive edge.

Outsourcing IT services may appear costly at first due to the initial contract. Yet, it’s important to consider the long-term financial benefits.

Partnering with an IT company can lead to significant savings that surpass the initial expenses.

Such a partnership reduces operational costs by offering services that make running your business more efficient and less expensive over time.

Outsource Solutions Group focuses exclusively on providing IT services for businesses.

We specialize in supporting the technology needs of companies, ensuring their networks, systems, and data are efficient and secure.

While we do not offer services for personal devices, we make an exception for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices that connect to a client’s business network.

Outsource Solutions Group extends its services to all end-users within your network, not just the network administrators.

This inclusive support model ensures that every individual can achieve high productivity and experience minimal downtime due to technical issues.

We aim to provide comprehensive support to maintain smooth and efficient operations across your organization.

Outsource Solutions Group can effectively support your remote employees.

We utilize cloud-based tools and remote support technologies to ensure that your remote staff receives the same IT support level as those in the office.

This approach ensures your remote team members have reliable IT support to work efficiently from anywhere.