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Protect Your Data From Breaches

Unlike other cybersecurity firms in Chicago, Illinois, our security teams rely on both data and device encryption to protect your information.

Encrypted devices are virtually impossible to access without the proper login credentials. Our team can also set devices up to wipe the hard drive clean after multiple unsuccessful attempts.

Encrypted data remains encrypted even if hackers extract it. This gives our Chicago cyber security company time to track down the hackers and re-secure the data.

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Cybersecurity Company in Chicago

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services

We earned our status as one of the leading Chicago IT security companies by leaving no stone unturned when protecting our clients’ businesses.

Our goal is to prevent data breaches from taking place. This costs your business a lot less in time and money than hiring cybersecurity companies in Chicago to pick up the pieces after an attack.

Because of this, we provide end-to-end support. This begins with a comprehensive onboarding process, continues with ongoing maintenance and also includes early detection methods.

Cybersecurity Services in Chicago Tailored for Small Businesses

Unlike many cyber security firms in Chicago, IL, OSG remains focused on serving small business clients, some with as few as 10 employees.

We also integrate crucial services into the managed IT services we provide to suit even the tightest budgets. 

These are some of the many services you’ll never be charged for as our managed services client:

When you choose OSG over other Chicago IT security companies, you can say goodbye to being nickel-and-dimed.

Cyber Security in Chicago
Chicago Cyber Security Services

Total Flexibility for Chicago Cyber Security

We want clients to remain with our cybersecurity firm in Chicago, IL because they love our service and not because they are locked in with strict contracts.

We provide a 100% money back guarantee for Chicago cyber security services. We also offer a 90-day opt out clause. If you are not satisfied with our services, cancel your contract within the 90-day window and move on without penalty.

When you choose OSG over other cyber security firms in Chicago, you can focus on core aspects of your business that drive the bottom line. 

Meanwhile, we focus on protecting the data that helps you make informed business decisions.

Chicago Cybersecurity - Frequently Asked Questions

Our managed IT service contracts at Outsource Solutions Group include cyber security services.

As a managed IT client, you won’t face any additional costs to access cyber security services.

This inclusion ensures that protecting your digital assets from threats is part of our comprehensive support, without extra charges.

Hackers frequently target smaller businesses because they see them as easier targets than larger corporations.

The misconception that your business is too small to attract attention actually works in hackers’ favor. They bet on that attitude as people who believe often have fewer security measures in place.

By enhancing your security measures, you can protect your business and stay ahead of potential threats.

Using the same password for everything puts you at risk. If one account is compromised, all accounts become vulnerable.

Furthermore, it makes recovery more difficult. That’s because you’ll need to change the password for every account, not just the compromised one.

For easier management of multiple passwords, consider using a secure password manager or acronyms to create and remember different strong passwords.

Hiring remote workers will not compromise your data’s security if you have the right cyber security measures in place.

If you need advice on keeping your operations secure in a remote environment, Outsource Solutions Group can help.

Our advice will equip you with the knowledge to protect your data, no matter where your team works.

If you suspect a cyber security issue and need immediate help, please call our support line at (630) 236-6625 if you’re already a client. You can also open a support ticket for dedicated assistance. 

Those not yet using our services but needing cyber security help can start the onboarding process either through our website or by calling (855) 288-0344.