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Consolidate Your Help Desk Needs

Fragmented helpdesk services can cause confusion when your team encounters user issues

Who should they call for network support versus hardware support? How many invoices will your accounting team need to manage as a result?

We provide all the IT helpdesk services you need under one roof, so you only need to contact one vendor and pay one monthly invoice. This significantly simplifies your business operations.

Outsource Your IT Help Desk to OSG

Choose an IT partner with wide-ranging helpdesk support capabilities.

Why Clients Outsource IT Help Desk Services in Chicago to OSG

23 Years

Providing customized support to our business clients


Experts committed to resolving IT issues as quickly as possible


Professional certifications to widen our knowledge base

Chicago IT Helpdesk Services

Strong Commitment to the Highest Service Levels

We believe our clients should remain with our Chicago IT company because they want to, not because their contract forces them to.

Consequently, we make it as easy to leave as it is to come onboard. Clients enjoy a no-risk experience that includes:

We also complete daily, monthly and quarterly IT and satisfaction reviews. If there is a quality issue, we want to be the first to know so we can resolve it before it costs your business time, money or customer trust.

Helpdesk Services Designed for Small to Medium Size Businesses

At OSG, we provide simplified helpdesk support services that are suitable for businesses with as few as 10 seats and as many as 150 seats.

This also illustrates the scalability of our services, so you can feel confident about growing with us. If necessary, you can even reduce your service needs in light of changes in the market or your business.

Whether you just need a help desk to tackle day-to-day IT issues or you’re looking for complete managed IT services, let OSG be your reliable partner.

IT Help Desk Services From Experienced Professionals
our Chicago managed helpdesk services

Comprehensive Onboarding Service

Worried about making the switch? Our experienced professionals have simplified the onboarding process, so you can upgrade to better help desk support faster and easier.

To ensure a seamless transition to new managed helpdesk services, we complete the following tasks:

Chicago IT Helpdesk Services - Frequently Asked Questions

An IT helpdesk focuses on providing immediate, short-term solutions to users facing technical problems, primarily through a ticketing system. It’s your go-to for quick fixes and troubleshooting.

IT support offers a wider range of services, including strategic IT planning and infrastructure management. Support technicians often handle more complex issues that require in-depth technical knowledge and planning.

The Outsource Solutions Group helpdesk supports Apple devices, including Mac and iOS mobile devices.

Our team is skilled in managing various operating systems, making us a perfect fit for businesses using various technologies.

This broad capability enables us to provide a unified work experience for all employees.

Having both an IT helpdesk and an IT support team allows for efficient problem-solving without overlooking long-term IT goals.

The helpdesk quickly resolves immediate technical issues, freeing the IT support team to tackle more complex challenges and strategic planning.

This setup ensures that urgent needs and future improvements both receive specialized attention.

Outsource Solution Group’s IT helpdesk is designed specifically for businesses.

We do not support personal devices unless they are part of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy and connect to a current client’s business network.

This approach allows us to deliver focused and effective support to businesses that rely on technology for their daily operations.

If you’re currently a client and require immediate assistance, reach out to us by calling our support line at (630) 236-6625 or by contacting us to open a support ticket. 

If you’re not yet a client but wish to join our services, you can begin the onboarding process through our website or by calling us at (855) 288-0344.