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Elevate Your Network Performance

Avoid juggling the management of your company while maintaining top-quality network infrastructure performance. 

Partner with OSG for comprehensive network management services, including: 

  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Network support services
  • Server management
  • Performance reviews

We’ll ensure proper network system management through comprehensive IT consulting services to keep your network systems running at peak performance.

Reduce Network Issues With Proactive Monitoring and Support in Chicago

Elevate network reliability with IT support from our computer network support specialists. 

Benefits of Our Business Network Support Services in Chicago

23 Years

As a leading network services company


Money-back guarantee with a 90-day opt-out clause


Combined technical certifications held by our network support technicians

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Network Support Services Backed By Routine Satisfaction Reviews

Networking companies in Chicago that do not provide regular updates on network performance provide little to no benefit to your business.

When you partner with OSG, you’ll always know the state of your network with our quarterly performance reviews.

To ensure your complete satisfaction with our network management, we send out a satisfaction survey after every service project is completed.

Avoid misunderstandings and confusion over your network’s health by partnering with a proven team of computer network consultants.

Industry-Leading Network Support Without the Risk

Your network and information technology are the lifelines of your business, which means you can’t take a chance with a lengthy service contract from a company that doesn’t give you the level of service you deserve.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we guarantee you’ll always get the value of service you expect. 

If you are not completely satisfied within 90 days of signing with us, cancel your contract and walk away, risk-free. 

Enjoy total flexibility for computer network IT support that resolves network issues today for a better tomorrow.

Chicago IT Network Support

Network IT Support - Frequently Asked Questions

Network support specifically targets the maintenance and optimization of your network systems to ensure connectivity, speed, and security. It involves managing the routers, switches, firewalls, and infrastructure that enable computer communication.

IT support encompasses a wider spectrum of services, including addressing hardware and software issues, alongside network-related issues.

Both services are advantageous as they ensure comprehensive coverage for all of your technology.

A network support specialist plays a crucial role in maintaining an organization’s computer network’s smooth operation.

They are responsible for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting network hardware and software to ensure secure and efficient data communication.

Their duties also include monitoring network performance, resolving user issues, and upgrading network equipment and applications.

To work with Outsource Solutions Group, you won’t need to install any additional software.

We supply all the essential tools in-house to support your network efficiently.

If there’s a need for new software to improve your business processes, we will identify it, discuss its benefits with you, and manage the installation process for you.

Our network management tasks won’t consume significant bandwidth on your system.

That’s because Outsource Solutions Group uses lightweight automation and seamless solutions designed for efficient network management and monitoring without any noticeable disruptions from the user’s perspective.

This approach enables us to proactively maintain your network without causing any negative impacts on your system’s performance.

To determine the right network for your business, assess your needs, including your:

  • Business size
  • User count
  • Application types
  • Data storage needs

Large teams using bandwidth-heavy applications may require a wide area network (WAN) or metropolitan area network (MAN).

Smaller businesses might find a local area network (LAN) sufficient for their needs.

Additionally, consider whether you need a wired network for speed and security or a wireless network for flexibility and mobility.