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Why choose Outsource Solutions Group for your IT Company in Des Plaines?

  • One point of contact for all your IT needs with end-to-end support
  • Secure your data with cybersecurity protection included at no additional cost
  • Save money with a simplified billing structure with no surprise fees
  • Be in control of your IT stack with comprehensive onboarding that puts you in the driver’s seat
  • Risk free sign up with a 90 day opt out clause with a 100% money back guarantee

Outsource Solutions Group is the cybersecurity and IT services company in Des Plaines for small and medium businesses. Our team has numerous certifications that ensure we can work with your IT system, whatever it looks like.

With integrated cybersecurity services at no additional cost, Outsource Solutions Group sweeps away the competition. We keep your systems updated and locked down with after hours support included.

Unlike some other IT companies in Des Plaines, Outsource Solutions Group doesn’t charge our clients for site visit travel time. We only charge you for our services because that’s something we can guarantee.

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OutSource IT Solutions Group
IT Company in Des Plaines
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Distinctive IT Solutions in Des Plaines

Comprehensive IT Services

Complete IT Support for Networks, Hardware, and Software - Simplify Your IT Management.

Money Back Guarantee

Quality IT Services with 90-Day Opt Out Clause - Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee.

Cybersecurity Coverage

Seamless Cybersecurity Coverage Included - Protect Your Business Without Extra Costs.

No Surprise Fees

Transparent Pricing with No Surprise Fees - Budget with Confidence for Your IT Services.

After Hours Support

24/7 Support for Round-the-Clock Security - Stay Protected Whenever You Need It.

Site Visits Included

No Travel Fees for On-Site Visits - Focus on Results, Not Extra Costs.

Streamlined Client Portal

Efficient Client Portal for Seamless Communication - Take Control of Your IT Support.

Cloud Integration

Revolutionize Your Systems with Cloud Integration - Access Networks Anywhere, Anytime.

IT Strategic Planning

Elevate Your Business with Strategic IT Planning - Unlock Your Future Success.
Des Plaines IT Company
Simplified Billing: Single Vendor Solution

Outsource Solutions Group offers a comprehensive range of all-inclusive IT services, eliminating the need for additional vendors. With us, there’s no requirement for separate cybersecurity providers or software license management.

Our simplified billing system ensures convenience. You will receive a single monthly invoice for all your IT services, as agreed upon in your contract. Additionally, our 90-day opt-out clause gives you peace of mind, allowing you to confidently assess our services and receive a refund if unsatisfied.

Enhanced Security: Free Cyber Protection

While many IT companies in Des Plaines may fall short in providing cybersecurity services, Outsource Solutions Group recognizes the critical importance of comprehensive protection for your IT systems.

At Outsource Solutions Group, we go above and beyond by including cybersecurity coverage as part of our offerings. In addition to expert software consulting and robust helpdesk support, our services encompass a wide array of security measures.

Secure your valuable data and protect your business from cyber threats by partnering with Outsource Solutions Group – your trusted provider of unparalleled cybersecurity solutions in Des Plaines.

IT Company in Des Plaines
Des Plaines IT Services Company Des Plaines
24/7 Assistance: Round-the-Clock Support

In today’s fast-paced digital economy, the availability of your IT systems is paramount – be it for maintaining a website or enabling your employees to work beyond regular business hours. At Outsource Solutions Group, we understand that software errors, cybersecurity threats, and other vulnerabilities don’t adhere to a 9-5 schedule, which is why we provide comprehensive after-hours support.

With Outsource Solutions Group, you can rest assured knowing that our dedicated team is available to resolve any IT issues that may arise, ensuring uninterrupted operations and bolstering the security of your systems. And the best part? We offer this vital after-hours support at no additional cost to you.

Smooth Onboarding: Expert Guidance

At Outsource Solutions Group, we prioritize the smooth onboarding of your IT systems right from the start. Our comprehensive process includes a range of essential tasks such as portal activation, infrastructure mapping, documentation, and access control.

With our dedicated onboarding checklist, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that all your IT processes are efficient and properly documented. This systematic approach allows us to understand your unique requirements and tailor our services accordingly.

IT Company Des Plaines
Accelerate Your IT Potential
Unleash Your Technology Potential. Partner with Outsource Solutions Group.
What sets Outsource Solutions Group apart as your IT Company in Des Plaines?

Outsource Solutions Group, a premier Des Plaines IT Services Company, stands apart with its unique approach. With us, you enjoy the convenience of a single point of contact, providing seamless end-to-end support for all your IT needs. Our prioritization of data security includes complimentary cybersecurity protection, eliminating the need for additional costs. We believe in transparency, offering a simplified billing structure with no surprise fees. Through comprehensive onboarding, we empower you to take control of your IT stack. Plus, our risk-free sign-up features a 90-day opt-out clause and a 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring your confidence in our services.

What distinguishes Outsource Solutions Group from other IT companies in Des Plaines?

Outsource Solutions Group is a leading Des Plaines IT Company that sets itself apart through its extensive range of IT services. Our dedication to providing end-to-end support for networks, hardware, and software distinguishes us from other competitors. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering a unique money-back guarantee with a 90-day opt-out option. Additionally, our IT packages come with complimentary cybersecurity coverage to ensure optimal data protection. With our all-in pricing model, budgeting for IT services is made simple and transparent. Further, our commitment to after-hours support reflects our understanding that IT needs can arise at any time.

What advantages do businesses gain from Outsource Solutions Group's single vendor approach in Des Plaines?

Choosing Outsource Solutions Group as your single vendor for IT services in Des Plaines offers numerous advantages. Our streamlined approach simplifies IT management, providing one consolidated invoice for all-inclusive services, allowing for clearer budgeting and financial planning. Furthermore, we incorporate comprehensive cybersecurity services into our offerings, eliminating the need for separate cybersecurity or software license management. This ensures that your IT system is both robust and efficient, with a strong focus on security and optimal performance.

How does integrated cybersecurity bolster our IT strategy in Des Plaines?

Integrated cybersecurity from Outsource Solutions Group is a valuable asset for bolstering your IT strategy in Des Plaines.

Unlike other IT companies that outsource cybersecurity, we include robust protection as part of our service offerings. This comprehensive coverage encompasses software consulting and helpdesk support, providing a holistic security solution.

By integrating cybersecurity into our services, we ensure that your IT systems are safeguarded against a varied range of digital threats, enhancing your overall IT security without incurring additional costs.

Why is after-hours support crucial for our business IT requirements in Des Plaines?

After-hours support plays a critical role in meeting the demands of today's 24/7 global digital economy, where uninterrupted IT functionality is vital.

It is essential for ensuring seamless online services and enabling after-hours work by employees.

Outsource Solutions Group recognizes the significance of after-hours support and offers it at no additional cost, guaranteeing the availability and security of your IT systems against software errors, hackers, and other potential issues.

This continuous protection is particularly crucial for businesses operating in an always-on digital environment.

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