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Propel educated decisions about technology forward with proactive IT consulting.

Improve Technology Decision-Making With Expert IT Consulting Services

Identify the best information technology solutions for your unique needs with insight from our Waukegan IT consultants.

Why choose OSG for IT consulting in Waukegan?

  • Enhance productivity with IT consulting that optimizes your infrastructure and reduces recurring IT issues.
  • Get on the fast track to operational success with customized IT strategy consulting that supports your goals.
  • Rapidly identify and resolve network weaknesses by deploying solutions suggested by our expert IT consultants.
  • Maintain your budget by implementing necessary IT upgrades recommended by our technology consulting services.
  • See a reduction in costs with all-in pricing and no extra charges for after-hours support from our IT consulting firm.

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How Our IT Consultancy in Waukegan Improves Your Business

Forward-Thinking IT Consulting Services

Information technology is one of the largest investments your business can make.

When you need software or hardware that aligns with your business strategy, our IT consultants in Waukegan can guide effective decision-making for better results.

Partner with an industry-leading IT consultancy company that can help you find solutions for:

  • Systems integrations
  • Software and hardware
  • Advanced cybersecurity services
  • Network scalability enhancements
  • And more

Your infrastructure needs to be able support your ever-changing IT needs. Ensure a better future with valuable insight from one of the top IT consulting companies in Waukegan.

Maintain Network Reliability

Network performance is at the core of your day-to-day business functions. If your network is unable to handle your business processes, you could experience extended downtime and lost productivity.

Partner with one of Waukegan’s premier IT consulting firms and work with a team of experts that offers consulting services designed with your success in mind.

Our IT consultants identify shortfalls within your network and make recommendations tailored to your unique needs.

Benefit from IT consulting in Waukegan that covers your network needs with:

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Ongoing server support
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance
  • And more

Improve network performance and reliability with assistance from a top IT consulting firm.

Improve Your First Line of Cyber Defense

As cyber attackers become more creative in their execution, having access to advanced cybersecurity protection is more important than ever before.

As one of the top IT consulting firms in Waukegan, we provide integrated cybersecurity services at no additional cost. Let our security specialists enhance your cyber defenses with:

  • Password testing services
  • Advanced endpoint defense
  • Security awareness and phishing training
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • And more

Secure your network with advanced cybersecurity services from top IT consulting company in Waukegan.

Accelerate Business Communications

There are limits to what legacy telephony can provide. As a result, many businesses are replacing their outdated phone systems and replacing them with VoIP technology, the evolution of business communications.

As one of Waukegan’s leading IT consulting companies, our experts can show you the benefits of VoIP technology, which include:

  • Faster call logging
  • Improved call quality
  • Simplified call transferring
  • Affordable implementation
  • And more

Improve internal and external communications with support from our IT consultants in Waukegan.

Support for Your Digital Transformation

As more businesses begin to rely on cloud technology to enhance their day-to-day operations, the time for migration is now.

Cloud computing brings efficiency and security to your business while helping you save on rising maintenance costs.

The cloud experts at our Waukegan IT consulting company can help you leverage the many benefits of this technology. Our services include:

  • Virtual desktops
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Support for migrations
  • Automated disaster recovery
  • And more

Harness the power of the cloud with actionable insight from our IT consulting firm.

Why We Stand Out Among Waukegan IT Consulting Companies


Additional charges for travel time and after-hours support

23 Years

Providing proactive IT consulting services in Waukegan, IL


Technical certifications for our IT consultants

Partner With One of the Premier IT Consulting Firms in Waukegan

Make informed technology decisions today for a better tomorrow with reliable IT management consulting.

IT Consulting Waukegan

One Vendor and One Invoice for IT Consulting and More

Information technology consulting from multiple sources leads to increased costs, inconsistent advice and confusion.

We help you avoid these difficult situations by offering IT consulting and other managed IT services under a single pane of glass.

As one of the leading Waukegan IT consulting firms, we serve as your destination for all things IT and provide a single invoice for all services rendered.

Partner with OSG and consolidate your IT needs with one of Waukegan’s best IT consulting companies.

Waukegan IT Consulting

No Hidden or Extra Costs for IT Consulting Services

Working with most IT consulting firms may resolve your recurring tech issues, but could also leave you with a long list of additional charges that could affect your budget.

We have a different approach at OSG. As one of Waukegan’s top IT consulting companies, we strive to deliver high-quality IT consulting services free of financial surprises.

Bring top-quality IT consulting services to your business that include:

  • Convenient all-in pricing
  • In-house service management
  • Integrated cybersecurity services
  • No charges for travel time for on-site support

Benefit from Waukegan’s most affordable IT solutions consulting by working with our experts.

IT Consulting Services

Total Flexibility for IT Consulting in Waukegan

Working with an IT consulting company whose technology consultancy services fail to address your needs provides little to no benefit to your business.

As one of Waukegan’s premier IT consulting firms, we offer trustworthy IT consulting services designed with your best interests in mind.

If you find that our IT strategy consulting does not deliver complete value, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee and a 90-day opt-out clause in our contracts.

We earn our status as one of the top sources for IT consulting in Waukegan by retaining our clients with outstanding consulting services rather than relying on signatures.