The Value of Green IT

More and more, companies are making leaps and bounds to transition to greener solutions for their IT practices.

Take Microsoft and Apple, for example. As reported by IT News, the two tech giants have joined the RE100 global initiative. Microsoft announced at the VERGE16 conference that by 2018 all of their data centers will run on 50% renewable energy, with this mark reaching 60% by 2020. To top those numbers, Apple will commit to using 100% renewable energy.

Microsoft’s green efforts over the last few years have included running the cloud using solar power and building facilities that run on methane gas. Apple has created a 50-megawatt solar farm to power their IT and has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in other solar farm projects to continue using 100% renewable power.


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So, when it comes to green IT initiatives for your business, why should you care?

When it comes to IT, there are three factors that greatly affect natural resources: manufacturing, powering, and disposing. It takes a lot of energy to create the information technology you use every day, it takes even more energy to power them all, making it challenging to find the right methods and locations to dispose of their waste.

By investing in green IT solutions, you can cut down on purchasing multitudes of IT products and systems, which will cut down on manufacturing and will lessen disposal over time. Other benefits to using green IT solutions include better operational efficiency and saving on overall operational costs.

An easy way to go green with your IT practices is through server virtualization. This is a cost-efficient solution that allows you to reduce the number of physical servers you have, which in turn decreases your maintenance time and costs, and most importantly, lowers your energy output.


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