How to Tailor Microsoft Copilot AI For Your Business Needs

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) tools have a wide range of diverse capabilities. However, to fully harness these capabilities, your business needs to integrate their tools correctly. You should also be aware of Microsoft’s AI customization options to truly get the most out of them for your business.


“Microsoft Copilot is built to be adaptable. You won’t have to worry about forcing their AI models into your workflows. You can customize them with ease.”Mario Arjona, Chief of Staff, Outsource Solutions Group


Research has shown that for every dollar spent on AI solutions, companies receive an average return of 3.5 times. Those who receive lower returns usually experience that as a result of mismanaged implementation.

To help you meet or exceed that 3.5 times return on your AI investments, this article will explore how you can tailor AI for your business needs and personalize Microsoft 365 Copilot.



How to Choose The Right Business-Specific AI Tools For You

1. Assess Your Business Needs

Evaluate the specific challenges your business faces that could be solved with AI. Try analyzing repetitive tasks, areas where errors frequently occur, or where data processing bottlenecks impact operational efficiency. You may be surprised by how much AI could help.

By pinpointing areas of operational improvement, businesses are expected to increase employee productivity by 40% through the use of AI by 2035.


2. Compare Tool Efficacy

Analyze how different Microsoft Copilot tools perform in areas relevant to your business. Focus on metrics like efficiency gains, accuracy in task execution, and ease of integration with existing systems. It’s also important to consider how the AI tools can scale with your business growth.


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3. Trial & Feedback

Implement trials of selected Microsoft Copilot tools to see how well they integrate with your operations. Gather feedback from your team on usability and effectiveness, which can help you make the final decision.

To get a trial of selected Microsoft Copilot tools, you can sign up through the Microsoft website or contact a Microsoft sales representative to discuss your specific business needs.


4. Finalize & Integrate

Choose the Microsoft Copilot tools that best meet your business requirements and start integrating them into your workflows. Plan for training sessions for your staff to ensure smooth adoption and maximum benefits from your new AI solutions.


A Quick Overview of Microsoft 365 Copilot’s Customization Options

Microsoft 365 Copilot offers several customization options tailored to enhance user experience and productivity across Microsoft’s applications. These features allow users to adapt the tool to their specific workflow needs.

Here is a quick overview of some of your options.


Benefit Examples of What You Can Do
Workflow Automation Automates routine tasks and processes in applications like Excel and Outlook to save time and reduce errors.
  • Automate invoice generation in Excel
  • Schedule weekly team meetings in Outlook based on team availability
  • Auto-generate sales performance reports
Compliance Settings Configures Copilot to adhere to industry-specific regulations by controlling data handling and storage.
  • Store data in specific geographical locations to comply with local laws
  • Restrict access to sensitive financial reports
  • Encrypt customer data
Team Collaboration Settings Sets up how Copilot facilitates collaboration among team members, enhancing communication and project management.
  • Set document access levels for different departments
  • Enable real-time document collaboration for remote teams
  • Automatically summarize key points of meetings
Custom Templates Allows businesses to create and implement industry-specific templates for documents and emails.
  • Create branded email templates
  • Create standardized financial report templates
  • Create uniform PowerPoint presentations
Analytical Insights Provides data analysis and visualization tools integrated with Copilot to support decision-making.
  • Use trend analysis for market research data
  • Employ predictive analytics for customer behavior predictions
  • Set up custom performance dashboards for different departments


5 Tips on Adapting AI Tools to Your Needs

1. Refine Responses for AI-Powered Personalization

After integrating Microsoft Copilot, continuously refine its response mechanisms to better suit your customer and employee profiles. Utilize analytics to understand common queries and concerns, so you can customize Copilot’s responses to something more relevant and personal.


2. Expand Your Business AI Integration Across Departments

Explore broader applications of Copilot within your business. You may have adopted it for one reason, but it could have practical applications elsewhere. Keep an open mind about its usage and try allowing anyone in your organization to have some ability to use it.


3. Enhance Integration With Microsoft Entra Identity Services

Enhance your AI capabilities by integrating Copilot with Microsoft Entra Directory Services. This allows the AI to access a broader range of organizational data securely. Entra ID’s access control functionalities also help you expand AI usage in your organization with less risk of security issues.


4. Leverage Advanced Features

Take full advantage of Copilot’s advanced features such as natural language processing and machine learning models to gain deeper insights into customer purchase history and competitor trends. Train the AI with specific data sets to develop more accurate predictions and recommendations.


5. Foster AI Literacy

Promote a culture of AI literacy within your organization. Encourage employees to experiment with Copilot and other AI tools, providing them with resources and incentives to explore new ways these technologies can be leveraged.


Learn More About Optimizing AI Usage


Ask Our Consultants How to Make AI-Driven Tools Work For You

Although one of AI’s greatest assets is its broad usage potential, that same advantage can make it an overwhelming tool if you’re new to using it. Luckily, you can work with experienced IT consultants to help make the transition easier.

Outsource Solutions Group provides those consultants. Our team would be happy to listen to your business needs so we can work together to establish an AI personalization strategy perfect for achieving your short and long-term goals.

Reach out today to get started.

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