Server Virtualization and Small Businesses

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Server virtualization serves as a consolidation strategy that decreases space, time, and IT costs for businesses.

Defining Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization merges multiple servers into one server. It also consolidates the servers’ identities, operating systems, and processors. Server Virtualization works through software. The software creates a Virtual Machine, which acts as a computer and creates a separate operating system environment.

When multiple Virtual Machines are created, many operating systems can run simultaneously. That’s because server virtualization begins with one OS and then distributes OS “functionality” to other VMs. The benefit to this method is that the OS environment runs independently from its host, allowing for more efficient computer usage.

The Benefits of Server Virtualization

  • Preserves older programs
  • Houses older programs on the virtual environment versus the host
  • Better disaster recovery
  • Increased uptime
  • Hardware flexibility
  • Cost-efficient: Less hardware needed
  • Green solution: Lowers energy costs

Say Goodbye to Networking Troubles


We recommend Microsoft’s Hyper-V. 

Microsoft Hyper-V features:

  • Automatic Activation
    Activation without having to use multiple product keys
  • Backups and restores
    Easily store and recover virtual machines
  • Data checkpoints and snapshots
    Know what’s going on with your data at all times
  • Dynamic memory
    Consolidate resources and increase VM restart efficiency
  • Exports and imports
    Move VMs to different hosts
  • Hyper-V replicas
    Replicate VMs for secondary sites
  • Live migration
    Move VMs to another server while not affecting availability to users
  • Offloaded data transfer
    Copy and move large amounts of data quickly
  • And plenty more

These programs are both optimized for any size business. We can help you decide which one is best for your business – chat with us today.

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