Teachers & Microsoft Office 365 (Questions/Answers)

Can Teachers Benefit From Using Office 365?

Most teachers love their jobs and they strive to provide the best educational experience possible for their students. But problems arise due to strict budget constraints. Often, teachers must buy their own art supplies and other items used in the classroom each day. Investing in education always pays off though. When you see students learning about the world around them, you know that our future is bright.

One of the best productivity programs for teachers is Microsoft Office 365. It includes so many great programs that teachers love including PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Teams. Microsoft makes a version of Office 365 free to teachers to use in their classrooms. It’s definitely a time-saver for teachers in busy classrooms.

What Are the Biggest Advantages of Office 365 for Teachers?

Office 365’s applications help teachers provide their students with a variety of online educational experiences. Whether they’re for interactive lessons or individualized learning, these apps can help teachers meet their students’ educational needs. Applications can be downloaded and installed quickly using Click-to-Run technology.

  • Below are just a few of the great reasons why teachers love Office 365:
  • Microsoft Word – Students will learn to use Microsoft Word more effectively with the many projects and lesson plans that are offered.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – Students not only learn how to use PowerPoint, but how to put together professional presentations that are informative and engaging.
  • Microsoft Publisher – Educators can use Microsoft Publisher and clip art to create posters and cards. There are a variety of color schemes, text choices, and backgrounds to choose from.
  • Microsoft Excel – Teachers can make spreadsheets and data analysis fun and engaging for their students. Apps include lessons for everything from analyzing inventory for a particular store, to creating a recipe.
  • Microsoft Teams – Use this app to create chat groups at your school. When you need to speak with a fellow teacher about an important matter, it’s no longer necessary to track down the teacher and find out if they’re available. The Teams app will show you who’s online and available.
  • Skype For Business – Students can connect with other students in classrooms around the world to collaborate on projects. This enables students to learn about different countries and cultures.

Office 365 Offers Cloud-Based Storage for All Your Classroom Documents

As a cloud-hosted app, Office 365 is fully supported by Microsoft. There are lots of great storage options and you can take your work with you wherever you go. All the data that’s used by both staff and students is stored safely in the Cloud. No more thumb drives that get lost or misplaced—no more running out of storage space.

Since Office 365 is stored in the Cloud, it’s updated automatically, meaning that schools can count on having the latest technology and security in place. There’s no need for continual maintenance or dependence on an internal IT team.

One of the top priorities of all educators is preparing students to make a smooth transition from the classroom to the workforce. Office 365 provides students with the training tools they need to create professional looking documents, spreadsheets, charts, graphs and PowerPoint presentations. When your students see all the amazing things they can create with Office 365, they’ll have the confidence to believe in themselves and get those great jobs.

Complete Data Security

Office 365 provides a high level of built-in security that keeps student and teacher data secure. With 24-hour remote monitoring and threat management, schools can rely on consistent anti-spam and anti-malware protection.

Office 365 comes with native encryption, end-to-end security, and multi-factor authentication options to secure and protect your email and data, so it’s only accessible to you or those you authorize. Some of these features will need to be set up by an IT professional, but once this has been done, it can save your employees a lot of time and work, plus it further ensures compliance to industry regulations.

Get Better Organized

Microsoft Office 365 helps teachers easily organize their materials and that’s a real plus. Most teachers have all kinds of documents floating around for different classes and students. You can put together interactive lessons and create individualized learning plans. Staying organized is easy with Office 365.

Ready to Learn More?

Outsource IT Solutions Group can help your school get Office 365 installed and ready for the classroom. If your administrators and teachers need training, just let us know. We are ready and able to help out however we can. We know that educators are so important to our children’s future.

There’s a whole lot more to Managed IT Services than most people think. If you believe Microsoft Office 365 could benefit your school, please give us a call. We can set up a no-obligation consultation where we come out and answer all your questions. Contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

In the meantime, visit our Blog to stay up-to-date on everything happening in the world of IT.

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