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6 Things New Clients Tell Us About Their Old Chicago IT Company

We know you have a lot to do, but we need your attention for just a few minutes. If you’re suffering from network downtime, data breaches, you don’t have a strategic plan for the use of technology, or your employees use mobile devices that aren’t being monitored, your current IT provider is mismanaging your technology.

Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services (Comparisons/Ratings)

Many companies – from enterprises to SMBs – are considering a move to Cloud-based infrastructure – if they haven’t made the move already. In terms of Cloud deployment for business, Microsoft and Amazon lead the charge. However, these two competitors often leave professionals wondering – is Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services the better choice for my company?

Does Your Business Lack An IT Strategy?

With the growing importance technology plays, it’s essential that every organization develop an IT Strategy that provides a clear strategic direction for the use of technology. Think of it as your IT roadmap for the next year or two. It should be designed to closely link with your business plan.

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