How to Handle Your Technology When You Relocate

Relocating your business can be a tricky process, and when you consider how to relocate your technology, it can be a little more complicated.

The most important thing to do when relocating is plan, plan, plan. Make sure you have a plan in place and evaluate your new space and how your technology will fit. Computers, phones, servers and cables will all need to find a new home in your office. Planning ahead will save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.

Relocating? Get A Digital Relocation Plan!

Another important tip to remember before you move offices is to perform a backup of all your data. Even if you don’t think anything will go wrong, it’s best to have everything backed up so you don’t have to worry if something does happen.

Make sure you keep communication open between all employees when you’re moving offices. You can assign different jobs to your employees to help move over technology, and assemble different teams within your office to help handle some relocation tasks. Create a checklist and share it with everyone in the office so all of your employees know what’s going on.

Assessing your new office to make sure it meets all of your communication needs is also an important step to remember. How many phone lines does the new office have? How many power outlets? Do you need to make a change in your phone or internet service?

These are all important questions that need to be answered before you move into the location and lose time and money trying to rig your technology together.

It’s best to hire an outside service or contractor to handle your relocation needs. They will know how to best move the technology of your business, and you can focus on other things.

We can provide you with all of your IT relocation needs. Call us early in the move process so we can work with your new building staff to make sure we build you out correctly.


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