Not Using Microsoft Teams During the Pandemic May be a Mistake

Not Using Microsoft Teams During the Pandemic May be a Mistake

Modern Organizations Must Embrace Collaboration to Succeed. Microsoft Teams, a Chat-Based Workspace, Does Everything You Need to Keep Your Staff Members Connected Around the Clock…

Nowadays, collaboration is key to enabling organizations to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace, does everything you need to empower your employees to create, make decisions, and stay connected as a team. It’s a platform designed for seamless collaboration, but it does more than simply offer the ability to chat via video conferencing or email. Microsoft Teams lets you share files, work within other business applications, schedule meetings, and much more.

In the Simplest Terms, Microsoft Teams is a Central Software Hub for Workplace Collaboration…

Microsoft Teams is available for Microsoft 365 users. The platform integrates with Microsoft’s other services:

  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Word
  • Excel
  • And more

How Does Microsoft Teams Work?

Microsoft Teams works from any device or location – offering employees the ability to stay connected as they:

  • Create teams and invite others to collaborate. Each team can be created around a specific topic, project or department.
  • Use channels around a team, project or topic as a place to add files, hold meetings, and work together on tasks.
  • Collaborate via video chat, instant messaging, group conference calls, and more with one another.
  • Navigate easily throughout the platform with three default tabs: files, conversations, and wiki where documents and information can be stored.

Not Using Microsoft Teams During the Pandemic Could be a Mistake. Here’s Why…

Microsoft Teams, despite being incredibly popular, is easy to overlook as another video conferencing and chat tool. It’s much more than that. Microsoft Teams offers a whole host of benefits:

  1. Communication becomes more efficient as users can organize their communications by topic via channels. This allows for brainstorming sessions, meetings, and conference calls in one place:
    • You can @mention co-workers to bring information to their attention
    • You can make conversations visible to everyone or specific individuals
    • You can archive all information for newly added team members
  2. Meetings are synced for simplified organization as all your existing appointments will be pulled in and the platform suggests times when other attendees are free so you can quickly book meetings as required.
  3. Working together is easier than ever as everyone can collaborate through applications while offering the ability to chat, meet, and send attachments in the same platform about projects. Two or more individuals can work on the following at once:
    • Excel Spreadsheets
    • Word Documents
    • PowerPoint Presentations
  4. Security is built into the platform with multi-factor authentication, single-sign on (SSO) via Active Directory, automatic encryption of data in transit and at rest, and secure guest access to keep you safe.
  5. Integration with other services is seamless as the platform works well with over 150 Microsoft and third-party services, such as CRM tools, development tools, project management solutions, and much more. For example:
    • Google Analytics
    • Azure DevOps
    • Facebook Pages
    • Twitter
    • Asana
    • Mailchimp
    • And much more
  6. Workflow becomes more straightforward as nobody needs to juggle back and forth between multiple applications, conversations or web browser tabs. Instead, everything can be reached within the platform itself.

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