9 New Game-Changing Additions To Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft recently announced several new updates to Office 365. These nine additions and help organizations streamline efficiencies and remain compliant with new regulations across numerous industries. They will also help your business effectively manage a professional digital presence.

What Are The 9 New Updates And Additions To Microsoft Office 365?

  1. Embed 3-D animations into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. You don’t need to know how to code an animation series to use this new feature. In fact, all you have to do is place the 3-D model into your slide, select a pre-built animation, click apply, and instantaneously watch as the 3-D model comes to life.
  2. PowerPoint can transform written texts into readable messages. Whether you have the world’s worst handwriting, or a five-year-old can draw better than you, PowerPoint is now here to save you time and your business money as you create your presentations. Simply draw out the presentation by hand using a touchscreen tablet. Next, launch PowerPoint and watch as the slides are automatically transformed with digital design recommendations that include layouts, icons, and text suggestions. In minutes your handwritten presentation can look like something that was designed by a professional artist in the graphic design department.
  3. Save office supplies by using the digital pen. The Microsoft digital pen has all new features that help you save time and resources when editing important documents. Enjoy the speed of using the digital pen to cross out paragraphs, circle text, add words, insert line breaks, split and change words, and leave detailed comments.
  4. Transform Word documents into web-ready publications. To transform your Word document into a Sway website, just finalize your document, click File, and then click Transform. This feature can also be used to reduce the time needed to create and publish newsletters, training documents, product pages, and pitch decks.
  5. Use blurred background to regain focus on video calls. The new blurred background feature lets video callers blur their background so unwanted distractions remain out of sight. This feature is particularly helpful if your organization has a large remote workforce.
  6. Avoid time-consuming compatibility issues. Microsoft’s recently released desktop application lets you easily check app compatibility before you complete a system upgrade. This check can save time and money and keep your systems operating at the optimal capacity without suffering from incompatibility issues.
  7. More efficiently complete Office 365 migrations with the SharePoint Migration Tool. The new and improved SharePoint Migration Tool offers a point-and-click interface that makes it easier to complete Office 365 migrations. For example, in a few simple clicks your OneDrive files can be migrated to OneDrive for business.
  8. Your IT team can more effectively manage and implement business-critical resolutions. The SharePoint Admin Center now allows IT experts to more easily manage Office 365 group-connected and hub sites. The update also includes security and compliance enhancements. For example, admins can now restrict or allow access from known IP-addresses, automatically sign-out idle users, and restrict access from non-compliant devices.
  9. Maintain user data compliance. Microsoft Office 365 has a complete list of certifications and attestations to ensure that security and compliance are maintained. In this vein, Office 365 recently achieved its HITRUST CSF Certification, which is specifically designed to help health organizations maintain security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

The Bottom Line: Microsoft Office 365 Delivers Powerful New Updates

Whether you want to more effectively manage your digital presence or create dynamic PowerPoint presentations with the click of a button, the new updates to Microsoft Office 365 are built with the business executive in mind. In short, these new game-changing additions will help you efficiently and effectively complete daily tasks that will lead to heightened levels of business success.

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