Is Your Chicago IT Company Taking Responsibility For All Your Cyber Security?

Cyber security is serious business. Stories about cyber security breaches are in the news often, far more than anyone would like. While technology is becoming more sophisticated, so are hackers. A breach in your computer network security is a problem for any business. For businesses that deal in restricted or classified information, it can be a risk to national security. Therefore, it’s important to review your cyber security strategy on a regular basis. Is your current IT company taking responsibility for your company’s cyber security? When was the last time you reviewed your security plan and protections? If the answer to the last two questions are “no” and “I don’t remember,” then you should be talking to a cyber security company in Chicago.

Cyber Security Consulting in Chicago

Cyber security needs for your company can change over time. While what you do may stay the same, staying secure may require changes in how you protect your computer network due to new threats or methods of hacking. A security breach can cause serious problems for a company depending on what the hackers’ goal is. While some hackers are relatively harmless, serious hackers can be trying to damage your reputation, destroy your business or possibly extract proprietary information from your network. You need to have a multi-part strategy to protect your devices and data, assign responsibility and know how to handle a potential breach.

Verizon found that 58% of all cyber attacks target small businesses according to their 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report. While a data breach in a small business may not net as much as on a larger business, large businesses tend to have a bigger budget for cyber security making them harder targets to breach. Small businesses need to prioritize cyber security in their IT budgets and work with an IT firm that will secure their computer network and take responsibility if a breach occurs. Working with a dedicated cyber security company in Chicago that can integrate security with standard IT functions can simplify and expedite installation and necessary maintenance. In fact, maintaining security can be part and parcel of your IT repair and service agreement.

Securing Your Network

There are several different types of hacks that can damage your computer network and potentially embroil your company in a major security breach. A percentage of hacks are from cyber criminals who set up automated hacks to breach any business that they can. Some of these hacks come in the form of emails or pop-ups on websites. They can install malware or viruses on a single computer or tablet that can infect the entire company if not stopped in time. The goal in cyber security is to prevent or block hacks from ever penetrating your network. Cyber security consulting in Chicago can work with you to set up layers of security as well as devise a response if a hack gets through. Since hackers’ methods morph continuously to find new ways to breach your network, your cyber security company must set up regular maintenance checks to maintain and update security.

It’s critical to determine upfront who is responsible should there be a breach. Cyber security liability is a real concern for companies, with the insurance industry prioritizing this risk as high with policies to protect companies should a breach occur. As part of your contract with your IT company, you should list the liability and responsible party.

A Comprehensive Approach

Cyber criminals are clever, and can find disparate ways into your network. A comprehensive approach to security is required to adequately protect your assets. This begins with cyber security of physical systems agreed upon and followed up by the entire management team in all departments. Upgrades to the physical security should be implemented in a planned strategic manner or gaps can occur for criminals to breach. A large part of a good security plan is knowing where the vulnerable points are in the system so they can be protected. These points can change as your network grows and evolves.

Communication is Critical

Small businesses don’t always ensure that every member of their team clearly understands their cyber security strategy. The Verizon Report stated that nearly 1/5 of network breaches happen because of human error. If a staff member clicks on the wrong link or doesn’t secure their device properly, it can be enough to leave a gap in security. With training and organization-wide awareness, your company can prevent these types of errors.

Understanding the Risk

A commitment from senior management is necessary to communicate the risks to everyone on your staff. Just because you may not be handling billions of dollars every day, doesn’t mean that cyber criminals will leave you alone. In fact, you may be at greater risk of losing your business entirely if you don’t secure it now, and have a plan in place to keep it secure. To learn more about cyber security for your small business, contact us.

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