The Critical Benefits of Cyber Security Training

Cyber security attacks are rising by as much as 50% year over year. The majority of attacks on small businesses come by way of social engineering. With the average cost of a data breach being in the millions, many businesses are looking to increase their cybersecurity efforts. Cyber awareness training can be the difference between a successful and a thwarted IT breach.

Too often, businesses develop an ironclad technical cybersecurity strategy – only to have it breached by unintentional employee oversights. You may think that your team wouldn’t fall for security threats, but breaches happen to even the most protected organizations, such as the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

Cyber awareness training is your best line of defense. This article will outline the benefits of security awareness training and where to find leading cybersecurity training services.

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Understanding The Importance of Security Awareness Training

If you’re following cyber security best practices, cyber awareness training is a must-have. As cybersecurity evolves, so do hackers – and most know that the easiest entry point into a business’s network is through its staff.

After all, it’s not unusual to get an email asking for a password change every so often. This assumption is precisely what leads to calamitous data breaches. Cyber awareness training educates you and your team about the warning signs of a potential threat, so you can take the necessary steps to avoid it.

Cyber awareness training also engrains these best practices in your team and new hires. This way, you can maintain cybersecurity now and in the future.

The importance of security awareness training cannot be stressed enough. Your business can’t be truly safe without it. So, let’s now discuss the benefits of cybersecurity training.


The Benefits of Security Awareness Training


1. Completes Your Cybersecurity Array

With cyber awareness training, your business is now fully prepared for any type of attack from any entry point.

One of the main benefits of cybersecurity training is that your security support team will identify potential vulnerabilities in both your in-office and work-from-home setups. Once they’ve identified these vulnerabilities they can also provide solutions to remediate them.

You can also implement tests like a phishing simulation to identify gaps in security training that otherwise weren’t immediately visible. This helps team members gain a better understanding of how cybersecurity works.

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2. Encourages Security Literacy

Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Hackers always look for new ways to breach your security systems and harm your business.

The good news is that once you instill routine cybersecurity training and enhance cyber literacy, your business’s data stays safer. Employees, now aware of emerging threats, will take it to heart and become more vigilant of the prevalence of social engineering attacks.

For instance, a social media breach of an employee can be leveraged by a cyber assailant to then gain access to your business’s network. With training, your team will understand the importance of cybersecurity awareness in all areas.


3. Enhance Customer Trust

Data breaches are at the top of mind for many people – including your clients and customers. It will hearten them to know that your team has undergone extensive cybersecurity awareness training.

With these additional security measures in place, you can assure your customers that your information systems (and their data) have ironclad protection. Educating employees greatly reduces the chances of human error, which in turn will reduce public data branches that could damage customer retention.


4. Saves Money

Millions of dollars are lost on each individual data breach. Meanwhile, trillions of dollars are lost globally every year to cybersecurity breaches. Naturally, avoiding these massive financial drains is among the top benefits of security awareness training.

A single phishing email can be all it takes to open a way in for your cyber security assailant. Cybersecurity awareness training prevents such incidents which could potentially cost your business countless dollars.

The Importance of Security Awareness Training

Source: Security Intelligence/IBM


5. Stay Aware of Developing Cybersecurity Threats

Another great benefit of cyber awareness training is that it helps you reduce the risk of a breach by identifying the most recent and sophisticated methods of attack.

Training your employees to have a comprehensive knowledge of the threat landscape helps your business be ready for even the most advanced forms of attack.


6. Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

Depending on your industry, you may have cybersecurity requirements mandated by regulatory authorities.

These requirements may specify that your team must have cybersecurity training. Even if that isn’t the case, the potential for a fine or suspension of license that could result from a breach only makes it more important for your business to provide training.


Get Cyber Awareness Training From an Elite Team

No cybersecurity strategy can be complete without awareness training; there are simply too many breaches that occur through social engineering to disregard it.

The benefits of security awareness training are many. This training is essential to completely defend your business from cyber attacks.

Your first step is in finding the right training providers – that’s where Outsource Solutions Group comes in.

We have over 80 technical certifications and our team takes the time to understand your IT systems. This way, we can provide the best advice on how to protect them.

Contact Outsource Solutions Group for a fully managed IT security service package that includes comprehensive cyber training.

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