14 Signs It’s Time To Switch To Managed IT Services

How To Know That It’s Time to Move Forward with Managed IT Services

Does the thought of a sudden server failure leave you feeling a bit stressed out? Okay, realistically, that thought probably leaves you more than a bit stressed out. After all, you depend on your technology heavily – from emailing customers and clients to using software to keep track of transactions and everything in between. A sudden server failure would be, in the simplest terms, catastrophic for most businesses. It would result in a lot of revenue loss for the hours, or worse, days between the failure and the eventual recovery.

Information technology spending around the world is projected to total $3.79 TRILLION by the end of the year. Why? Because businesses are starting to understand the power of information technology to stand out amongst the competition and offer a more immersive customer experience. Whether you’re a small, innovative startup or the owner of a large enterprise that’s been around for years, information technology plays a critical role in the growth and success of any organization.

Most people have moved towards the managed IT services approach as opposed to the traditional break/fix approach. Why? Because it’s a more proactive, efficient way to run a business. It’s no longer acceptable to wait around until something breaks, go through excessive downtime waiting for it to be fixed, then pay a hefty fee to the person who fixed it. Nowadays, we strive to prevent issues from happening in the first place, and in many cases, it’s actually a more affordable model.

14 Signs It’s Time To Switch To Managed IT Services

How Do You Know It’s Time To Move Forward With Managed IT Services?

If you’ve been feeling complacent and you’re not sure if you really NEED a change, here are 15 key signs it’s time to move forward with managed IT services:

You’ve Recently Grown And/Or Expanded

Whether you’ve gone from a one-person startup to a few employees or you’ve opened up new offices in different locations, if you’ve recently grown and/or expanded in any way, you will need the right infrastructure, including hardware and software, to support more users and data.

You’ve Gotten Quite A Few High Bills Lately

If you’ve found yourself receiving higher than usual bills related to your technology, it might be time to switch to a flat-rate monthly fee. Sometimes, traditional break/fix services simply become unmanageable because you’re using new equipment, and as a result, more issues happen.

You’re Struggling To Understand New Technologies

Not everyone is technically inclined, and even if you are, it’s hard to keep up with the ever-evolving volume of hardware and software being released. If you’re not sure what technologies you need, an MSP will be able to work with you to figure it out.

You’re Handling And Storing Sensitive Information

If you’re handling and storing sensitive information, such as customer data or financial details, it’s incredibly important to have a team of experts teaching you how to protect it, implementing the right safeguards, and ensuring it’s protected against unauthorized access.

You’re Operating In A Highly Regulated Industry

Most industries have specific rules and regulations they must abide by, and if you’re operating in a highly regulated industry, an MSP can help you understand how those rules and regulations relate to technology and make sure you’re in compliance.

You’ve Noticed Your Computers Are Running Slowly

If your computers are running slowly, there are a few likely causes: malware infections, outdated systems or simply a lack of proper maintenance. An MSP will make sure you’re running up-to-date systems and applying the latest patches, updates, and more.

You’re Struggling To Scale When Necessary

Whether it’s something as simple as adding another user to your email or phone system or something more complex like adding extra bandwidth to support more people connecting to the network, an MSP can help you scale seamlessly whenever necessary.

You’re Tired Of Dealing With Slow Internet

There are many potential bottlenecks that could be impacting your network’s performance. If you’re struggling with slow internet and you’ve tried talking to your provider with no results, an MSP can help determine what’s happening and identify areas for improvement.

You’re Lacking Any Sort Of Mobility

If your team is unable to access data and applications from outside of the office, you’re bound to fall behind the competition. An MSP can help you determine what cloud-based solutions will be best to enable greater mobility so employees can work remotely as needed.

You’ve Experienced One Or More Malware Infections

There’s nothing worse than a malware infection that slows down your operations, and in some cases, steals sensitive data. If you’ve experienced one or more malware infections, an MSP can help you avoid future instances with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and training.

You’re Lacking Any Sort Of Data Backup/Disaster Recovery

Manmade or natural disasters can happen in an instant. Even a simple accidental file deletion can have costly consequences on the average organization. MSPs are able to formulate data backup and disaster recovery plans that keep you operational all the time.

You’re Unable To Get A Timely Response When You Need It

If you’re working with a traditional break/fix company, yet you’re unable to get a timely response when something goes wrong, it’s time to switch to a managed IT services approach wherein you’re able to get onsite or remote support quickly when you need it.

You’ve Experienced A Significant Amount Of Downtime

If you’ve experienced a significant amount of downtime in the past year or so, it’s time for a proactive approach that prevents issues from occurring in the first place.

You’re Lacking Any Sort Of Long-Term Strategic Technology Plan

Technology should be seen as a business enabler that allows you to create more value for your customers. If you don’t have a long-term strategic technology plan in place that embraces digitization, you’re going to fall behind the competition.

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