Trusted Cybersecurity Services in Chicago

You need the confidence of knowing that Chicago’s best cybersecurity team is protecting your business against current and future threats.

Cybersecurity Services in Chicago

Having a secure and reliable IT infrastructure is a vital component of your company’s success. Without the right operational tools, resources and support in place for protection, you risk falling victim to cybercrime. Hackers are costing companies like yours tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, lost access — and lost sales. Aggressive protection, active monitoring, ongoing education and advanced tools offer the reliability and flexibility that your business needs to maintain safe and consistent operations over time.

Phishing and Security Awareness Training

Are you confident that your staff is a strong first line of defense against cyberattack? Phishing emails are rampant, with billions being sent on a daily basis. Web filtering and email spam filters can help, but employee and contractor education are the only true ways to close the gaps in your defenses. This proactive training introduces real-world scenarios to your staff and tests their cybersecurity knowledge – allowing you to maintain a high level of readiness at all times.

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Advanced Endpoint Defense

From staff that BYOD to the office to remote workers with shared devices, endpoint defense has never been more important for fast-moving companies. Staff demand the flexibility of accessing business networks from a variety of locations, meaning you must ensure that each access point is fully protected at all times. Our advanced endpoint defenses shore up your security for WiFi networks, company-owned devices and more.

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Password Testing

Do you have concerns about the security of your passwords? Our advanced tools allow for rapid-fire auditing of the current passwords that are in use, quickly targeting staff members for additional education in this area. Identifying and remediating these security vulnerabilities allows you to create yet another barrier between your sensitive company information and the cybercriminals who are continually testing your defenses. Weak passwords on desktops, laptops, business applications and even servers are identified for update.

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Dark Web Monitoring

You never want to be forced to send a letter to your valued customers telling them that their confidential information has been cracked — and shared on the Dark Web. Our Dark Web monitoring services allow us to quickly deliver validated intelligence when employee or customer data has been stolen. This comprehensive framework helps provide a level of security for remote workers and connections.

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Security Information and Event Management

You need to know immediately when an event has occurred, and our active monitoring solution offers the detailed information needed to take swift action. Even the smallest unexpected event could be a clue that an attack is forthcoming. You deserve the confidence of knowing that your Security Operations Center (SOC) is protected by a dynamic threat detection and response platform that has been tailored to the specific needs of your business.

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Advanced Threat Protection for Email

Phishing emails continue to be a significant threat to your organization’s operations, with 1.5 million new phishing websites created each month. Our Targeted Attack Protection detects, analyzes and blocks threats before they reach your inbox. Attachments and links are scanned before the emails are passed through, allowing us to dramatically reduce the possibility of an email-borne attack on your company’s sensitive information and business systems.

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Offsite Backup Storage

There are dozens of reasons that you might need to access offsite backups — a water leak at your primary location, cyberattack, power outages . . . the list is nearly endless. When you need to gain access to critical business information and customer details, you may already be in a panic situation. With offsite backup storage from Outsource IT Solutions Group, you gain the assurance of knowing that Chicago’s #1 IT services team is supporting your efforts and keeping your sensitive customer data secure and accessible at all times.

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Backup for Office 365

Your Office 365 applications are packed with valuable information that would be extremely difficult to recreate in the event of an IT operations incident. Catastrophic failures of hardware are rare, but they can happen — making it imperative that you have a full backup of your Office 365 configurations in the event of a disaster. Quickly regain operational efficiency and keep your business running with active backups for Office 365.

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