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Outsource IT Solutions Group can provide your Chicago company with a layered cyber security approach that addresses each facet of your data security. That’s what it takes these days to keep your IT secure.

How Important Are Excellent Cybersecurity Services These Days? With the rapid strides in business technology, it’s no wonder many business owners struggle to stay on top of it. If you’ve got a thriving business to run, you just don’t have time to keep up with what hackers are doing and how cyber security is changing. And yet, these issues are critical if you want to avoid being taken down by cyber thieves in Eastern Europe.

Remember – cyber thieves work 24/7 at their job. Most of us have personal lives that we enjoy going home to occasionally.

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How Can You Better Protect Your Data?

In order to have peace of mind about the safety of your business data, you need to know that it’s being secured. Do you have the best cyber security money can buy? Are your employees thoroughly trained so they don’t carelessly click on a phishing email?

We have the technology today to ensure that your important data is safe from hackers, but many companies aren’t implementing these higher level security measures. Why? In some cases, it’s a matter of cost. The business owner simply doesn’t believe he or she can afford the best cyber security for their Chicago business.

But consider how valuable your business data really is. You need customer information, order info, past order histories, and third-party vendor information. Without these records and files, it’s impossible to do business. And yet, cyber criminals are discovering new ways to steal that data every day. They, too, know how valuable it is and they’re set on stealing it from you.

These types of issues are difficult to grasp for many business owners. They do a great job of running their company, but are simply no match for today’s advanced hackers. But there is something you can do to safeguard your important records and files from intruders.

Outsource IT Solutions Group can provide your company with a layered security approach that addresses each facet of your data security. That’s what it takes these days to keep your database secure.

We monitor your network around the clock for data intrusion. We use the best security applications and firewalls to keep the bad guys out. We train your employees so they know what to watch for. We take a very proactive approach when securing your network.

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Chicago Business Computer & IT Security

In most of today’s businesses, the employees are the weakest link. They will carelessly open a phishing email and click on a suspicious link without a second thought. So what if the worst happens and an employee downloads a ransomware virus? Will you lose your entire database? How long will you be unable to conduct business? These are important questions that business owners should be asking.

A solid business continuity plan addresses these questions and more. Today’s business are at risk from all sorts of disasters, from manmade to Mother Nature. Thousands of North Carolina businesses were closed down for weeks due to Hurricane Florence. How many of them had a good, reliable business continuity plan that would allow their employees to keep working from remote locations?

In 2017, thousands of Houston-area businesses were closed due to Hurricane Harvey, but four of them had to permanently close their doors.

Drink Houston was one of them. According to a letter sent out to employees and customers, the company (which had been in business for 15 years) simply could not recover from all the damages the hurricane dealt. With sales drastically decreased for months, the company simply could not recoup their losses.

Business Network Security & Cyber Security Solutions

Each year, a growing number of American businesses go through the exact same scenario. They weren’t properly prepared and could not financially recover.

This has caused all business owners to rethink their security posture and their business continuity strategies. You need to ensure that your data is safe no matter what. After that, it’s important to make sure that your employees can go back to work as soon as possible after tragedy strikes.

Having strong cybersecurity measures in place keeps your data safe by preventing malware or ransomware from entering your network. A good business continuity plan ensures you can keep working no matter what happens.

When companies aren’t prepared for the worst, it costs them in lost data, lost sales, and damaged reputation. That is simply too high a price to pay, which makes having the right security in place for your network essential.

Chicago Cyber Security Solutions

You’ve spent a lot of time and money building your information technology infrastructure. Now protect it with the best cybersecurity services available today.

At Outsource It Solutions Group, we go beyond simple anti-virus software and firewalls. We know that maintaining your IT infrastructure requires a lot more, including:

  1. Enterprise-grade security including two-factor authentication, web-content filtering, and data encryption
  2. Penetration testing to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  3. Security training for all employees

We cover all areas of your information technology infrastructure including:

  • Website
  • Mobile Devices
  • Network
  • Workstations
  • Email
  • Software and Applications
  • Cloud Applications

Ready to make sure your company can survive whatever Mother Nature and Cyber Criminals can throw at you? Contact us for a free assessment of your cybersecurity posture.