Looking For An Chicago IT Provider Who Communicates Clearly?

Spectrum Behavioral Health Was – And They Were Glad To Find OSG

Spectrum Behavioral Health is a psychiatric outpatient organization with two office locations in New Lenox and Hinsdale, Illinois. With 20 employees, psychiatrists and psychologists on staff, they rely on their IT system to provide confidential mental health services and medication management for their patients.

Read the complete case study on how we helped Spectrum Behavioral Health.


Their previous IT company wasn’t communicating well about the work they were doing or the way their services were reflected in their billing. They also weren’t responding to calls for assistance as they should.

Melissa, Spectrum’s Clinical Director, explains:

“We chose Outsource IT Solutions because we were having difficulty with our former IT provider. Communications were not open and billing wasn’t transparent. Dr. Williamson and our staff weren’t clearly informed about the work or solutions they were providing. Plus, they weren’t responding to calls. Their billing wasn’t straightforward, and we were being charged for services that we didn’t understand.”


Spectrum Behavioral Health was referred to us by one of our clients. After meeting with their leadership and assessing their requirements:

  • We set them up with the full suite of Microsoft Office 365 products,
  • Ensure their electronic health record program (Practice Fusion) runs reliably and securely,
  • Installed and implemented solutions to improve their wireless connectivity and network security, and
  • Provide ongoing support for all the IT solutions they require to run their practice.

They recently opened their new location in Hinsdale, and we made sure they got up and running with their technology as planned. They engage all of their equipment under our Network Care Managed Services Agreement.

Their new facility is being properly secured by a Unified Threat Management so they can securely communicate with the main office in New Lenox. All of their devices are monitored and maintained by our staff.


Melissa went on to explain how we improved the IT service and support they receive:

“Outsource IT Solutions Group goes above and beyond helping our staff handle IT duties. When we need help, they’re here to help us work through things until everything is resolved.

When we call for IT support, we always get someone who triages the issue, and the right technician calls back to help. They don’t just assume that they know what we need. They clarify by asking key questions. Their communication skills make all the difference.

Plus they are very responsive, work around our busy schedules, always communicate clearly, and follow up to make sure everything is 100% resolved.

Now, we’re clear on what we’re being billed for and never go without our IT or knowing how to use it.

I do know a bit about technology and wanted to be an IT administrator for our practice. They helped me work into this position so I can handle job updates without having to call OSG for every little thing. But when we need their expertise, they’re always ready to help.

I’d recommend that other behavioral health practices in the Chicago Metro Area contact OSG for their expertise and clear communications.”

OSG’s Network Care Managed Services provide the safe, flexible and cost-effective computing environment you need to operate your mental health practice.

As a mental health practitioner, your primary responsibility is to provide quality care to your patients. Without reliable and secure information technology it can be difficult for you to see your caseload of patients, treat them, and keep their confidential health records up to date.

And if your IT system fails, every aspect of your practice can come to a grinding halt: Productivity stops, financial and EHR software goes down, and your patients may start worrying when they detect how stressed you are. Computer problems aren’t just a nuisance, they can prevent you from helping your patients.

OSG ensures your computing environment is up and running, that your technology environment is secure and protected at all times, and that you’re getting the best value for your IT dollars.

Our clients tell us that they experience immediate and positive results with us as their IT provider, with fewer failures, greater employee productivity, and savings on IT support costs – something every healthcare provider wants for his or her practice.

Contact us in Naperville, IL to learn more, and to schedule a complimentary IT Assessment for your healthcare practice.

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