Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security

Last year saw no shortage of data breaches, and many information security firms say that 2017 will be no different. According to IT News, business will face four key global security threats in the coming year.


Top security threats businesses will face include:

Supercharged connectivity and the Internet of Things will bring unmanaged risks.

Gigabit connectivity is on the way, and it will enable the IoT and a new class of applications that exploit big data, GPS location and much more. Since connectivity is now so affordable and prevalent, we are creating an ecosystem of devices that are nearly impossible to secure. Many businesses are unaware of the scale and risk of Internet-enabled devices, and aren’t managing any risk management or security solutions.

Crime syndicates will take a quantum leap with crime-as-a-service.

These criminal syndicates have been developing for years, but now they are becoming more sophisticated and powerful. Cybercrime is becoming more frequent and these organizations are taking advantage of the lack of security in many large businesses and corporations.

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New regulations will bring compliance risks.

The number of data breaches is expected to grow in 2017, and as a result more records will be compromised. Public opinion will also pressure governments to introduce tighter data protection legislation, which will introduce new costs for businesses. Organizations will need to be aware of any changes in regulations, and be ready to adjust to new laws or policies.

Brand reputation and trust will be a target.

Criminals will begin to target sensitive corporate information, and your employees must be able to recognize security threats and react properly. With attackers more organized, brand reputation and the trust dynamic between customers and the business is at risk.

Threats will continue to become more sophisticated and tailored to their target’s weak spots, or threats will mutate to take account of defenses that have been put in place. The solution is to prepare for the unknown with an informed threat outlook.

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