The Best Cyber Security Practices

There’s no such thing as a business that is “too secure.” There are always ways to become more optimized and efficient in your IT practices. And we can help with that.

Here is a list of the best cyber security practices for businesses:

Install a Firewall
Easily protect your digital assets by controlling network access. Through specified criteria, you can block and permit computer applications and users using various software and hardware solutions.

Document Network Activity Through Logs
You should actively record data and activity that happens with your network – crashes, attacks, etc. If the applications you use are able to log activity, be sure to activate these settings. If not, setting up a logging process, which can be as simple as using an excel sheet, will benefit your network security greatly.

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Use an Employee Monitoring System
By establishing policies for internet usage and following up with an internet usage audit tool, you can catch any activity that violates those policies and is not good for security practices.

Update Your Security Regularly
Hackers are rapidly and constantly finding new, advanced ways to compromise your digital assets. You should evaluate your IT strategy annually, just as you would do with your company policies. Also, stay updated on news reports of cyber attacks to better avoid them.

Train Your Employees on the Best Practices
Your IT strategy shouldn’t be exclusive to you or your executive board. All of your employees should be trained on best practices and attacks to watch for. This includes creating strong passwords, denying suspicious emails, recognizing virus activity, and not sharing company information.

Regularly Consult with an Experienced IT Professional
At OSG, we provide comprehensive best practices administration services to help you and your employees execute the best strategy for your business’ security.

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