WWDC 2016 Apple Updates

With the summer almost over, we couldn’t help but reflect back on Apple’s 2016 Worldwide Developer’s Conference announcements for the fall.

This June, Apple announced 13 major upcoming changes, improvements, and products for all of your Apple devices, and we’ve laid out the most important ones you need to know below.

The Best WWDC 2016 Apple Updates


The Rebranding of OS X
Say hello to macOS, the Sierra update. The beta version was just released this week and the full version is slated for a likely release in September.

The major benefit of Sierra is its cloud utilization and synchronizing abilities. Through a feature called Universal Clipboard, users will be able to copy and paste items from one Apple device to another. Through the cloud, you’ll be able to save your Mac’s desktop and access it from another Apple device through iCloud drive. With Sierra, you’ll even be able to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. Lastly, you’ll get the most well-known personalized assistant out there with Siri now heading directly to your Mac desktop.

Online Purchases Just Got One Step Easier
Apple Pay is no longer just a feature for your iPhone – your Mac gets to reap the benefits as well now. Purchases through Safari can now use Apple Pay and can be authenticated with TouchID used through your iPhone or Apple Watch, cutting out the time it takes to grab and type in your credit card information.

Apple Watch

The New and Improved Apple Watch
The newest version of OS, watchOS 3, is the fastest update yet. With background refreshing and storing apps in memory, the Apple Watch is now able to run seven times faster than the previous OS update.

As for features, the latest update includes:

  • A Dock – Accessible from the side button
  • Control Center – Access features like “Do Not Disturb” in just a swipe
  • Scribble – Answer messages through drawing instead of text or speech
  • SOS – In case of an emergency, call 911 by just holding down the side button
  • Fitness Apps/Features– The new “Breathe” app, fitness watch faces and activity sharing

Learn More About iOS 10


iOS Updates

Of course, we can’t forget about the iPhone. The newest iOS update includes: “Raise to Wake”, which turns on your lock screen by just lifting your phone. Also, everything from notifications and 3D Touch has been redesigned and optimized to add to the user-experience. What other features should you know about?


  • Apple Music: The new “Discovery Mix” section offers a tailored playlist of music based on your current music interests and daily playlists to help you discover new music. An even handier new feature – lyrics.
  • Maps: You can now book and pay for rides and make reservations all through the app. Maps will also make its way to CarPlay this fall.
  • Messages: Get personal with your messages through handwritten notes, animated effects, and a brand new set of larger emojis.
  • Photos: The app update gets smarter as your pictures can now be organized with the help of facial recognition. Also, get nostalgic with the new Memories album, compiled based on past events and locations.
  • Voicemail: No need to listen to voicemails from mom anymore. Read them all in text-form with transcripts.
  • Screened Calls: Spammers, begone. With API and VoIP technology, you’ll now be notified of potential spam calls and see caller IDs from your lock screen.


Apple TV

The newest addition to the OS family, tvOS, has gotten bigger and better with 1,300 video channels and more than 6,000 apps. Apple will also be adding in popular channels including Dish’s Sling, Fox Sports Go, and more. And you can now surf through channels and Youtube with two new methods: the new Apple TV remote or Siri. Also, keep everything synchronized by conveniently logging into your devices with the single sign-on feature, and have all of your mobile channel app downloads sync to your AppleTV.


Other than Siri now being a feature for all of your Apple devices, the assistant can now operate with other apps, such as WeChat.

We’re looking forward to the new update and features to come this fall. Tell us which ones you’re most excited about below. And get prepared for the update with the pros – give us a try.

Photo Credit: Digital Trends

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