Welcome to the Windows Anniversary Update

As of August 2, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has finally arrived. From the brand new Microsoft Edge and Windows Ink to updated gaming and classroom tools, the newest version of Windows has kicked the door to the tech world off its hinges.

Here’s what you need to know about the update:

We’re hoping that you were able to get the upgrade for free by July 29. In case you didn’t, Windows Home is $119, and Windows Pro is $199.

Windows features “six areas of innovation and improvements” in their latest blog, which include:

More Security
Described as the most “secure Windows ever,” Microsoft has made substantial updates to the two most widely security features to protect apps, websites, and your system.

Windows Hello (used with apps and your browser) offers easier accessibility to lost passwords. The new update also allows companion devices to unlock your PC.

Windows Defender (used with your system) now has the option to schedule quick scans and also provides notifications and summaries for scans and threats.  

Introducing: Windows Ink
Bring writing into the digital world with this handy new feature. Just like a Post-it note, you can leave yourself notes on your desktop with Windows Ink’s Smart Sticky Notes. You can also sketch or draw on other Windows apps including Office, Microsoft Edge, and Maps.

Cortana Updates
Cortana has made moves in the device world, starting as just a feature for mobile before becoming a standard for Windows computers, while gravitating towards Xbox One. Cortana is now conveniently placed within your computer’s lock screen, allowing you to do anything from setting a reminder to playing music. The new update also allows you to store important information through text or images, as well as receive notifications through all Cortana-enabled devices.

Get the Best Support for the Windows Anniversary Update

Introducing: Microsoft Edge
Goodbye, Internet Explorer –  Hello, Microsoft Edge.

The brand new browser is optimized to save your computer’s battery, protect you from security threats, and provide easier accessibility overall. To save battery, Microsoft Edge uses fewer CPU cycles while laying claim to lasting three hours longer than its competitors. The browser will also offer extensions to enhance personalization, like “Amazon Assistant.” Browsing is optimized with assistive technology and improved form entry capabilities.

Gaming Updates
Sync your games with the new Xbox app. The Xbox Play Anywhere program allows you to purchase games that will be accessible to both your PC and the new XBox One S. Even better, when you play on your PC, your gaming progress will be saved to both devices, so you can pick up where you left off on Xbox One S. The Anniversary Update also updated the Windows Store to connect with both devices. The Xbox One S experience gets even better as gamers can now use Cortana to turn their Xbox on, find new games, and more.

Classroom Utilization
With technology being a huge proponent to modern-day student learning, being able to easily set up and synchronize computers is a must. The new “Set Up School PCs” app allows teachers to set up their students’ computers with just three steps, only needing a USB drive to make it all happen. Schools with IT support can set up computers in bulk with the improved Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer tool. The anniversary update even offers the “Take a Test” app that provides additional security to online testing. Lastly, logging in with the new update is faster than ever as it takes an average of only 26 seconds for a first-time login and six seconds for all following logins.

Make sure your computer is ready, and get anniversary update support from the pros.

Photo Credit: PC Mag

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