5 Windows 10 Tricks You Didn’t Know About

With the Windows 10 update being released in June, by now you’ve had some time to dabble in it. (If you haven’t, enlist the help of our handy features and tricks guide we released a couple of months back.)

We want to make sure that you know all you need to know – even the hidden Windows 10 tricks you didn’t know about.

Here are 5 Windows 10 tricks you didn’t know about:


With this feature, you’ll gain access to a hidden menu compiling a variety of settings into one place. To activate this feature, you’ll:

  1. Create a folder on your root drive (also known as the C: drive)
  2. Name it GodMode
  3. A new icon will appear and will direct to a new, advanced control panel

Virtual Desktops

If you need to multitask, then this is the feature for you. Access anything from email to Twitter right from your desktop in a few ways:

  1. Click the Task View icon
  2. Hold down the Windows and Tab keys
  3. Drag an app to the virtual desktop

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PDF Printing

No need to use a third-party source to print your PDFs – you can now do it through the new, innate Microsoft option. Access it by:

  1. Opening the PDF you’d like to print
  2. Clicking the Print button
  3. Choosing the local destination labeled as Microsoft PDF to Print

Battery Saver

If you happen to forget your charger at home, no need to worry. You can use your laptop a little longer with Battery Saver mode. You can find this feature by going to:

Settings > System > Battery Saver

Use the low screen brightness setting with battery saver mode to conserve your battery even more.

Cloud Storage Integration

There’s nothing like the convenience of accessing anything from anywhere through the cloud. The Windows 10 update makes it easier than ever to integrate OneDrive by allowing you to:

  • Access your files and documents from the OneDrive mobile app
  • Setup OneDrive to allow you to access any file from your PC remotely, even if it hasn’t been placed in the OneDrive folder

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Photo Credit: International Business Times

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