6 Reasons Why Windows 10 is Better Than Windows 8

As with any software purchase, it will cost you more money and require you to take time to learn new features – leaving you wondering, “Is it worth it?”

Of course, we can all expect a better overall performance with any update. However, with Windows 10, you’ll find that performance is just one part of this very large and impressive update.

Here’s what’s new and different:

The Return of the Start Menu

Welcome back a better computer navigation option. Windows 8’s full-screen layout looked and worked great with Windows mobile devices, but not so much on computers. The tiles from Windows 8 are now incorporated into the start menu, which pops up on the left side of the page. However, if you really liked the full screen, you still have the option by activating it in your settings.

Phone-Like Notifications

“Action Center”, Windows notification center, will make sure you never miss another alert again. Get all of your emails, Windows updates, security flags and more in one place. And the new notification center works well for both touchscreen and traditional desktop users.

Goodbye, Internet Explorer

Hello, Microsoft Edge. Whether you want to read clutter-free web text, save web pages to read for later, or just find relevant information while you browse the net, Edge can do that and much more. There’s also some cool customization features with the new browser. Let’s say you wanted to show someone a page you were viewing. With Microsoft Edge, you can use the screen capture option, as well as drawing tools, to show them exactly what you’d like them to see.

Tablet Mode

With 2-in-1 computers becoming a popular option to enhance the user experience and save on purchasing multiple devices, Windows 10’s tablet mode is a handy option. Get a full-screen experience when you’re using your touch screen, and shut it off when you’re not using it.

Gamer’s Paradise

Xbox gamers can take their gaming from their console to their computer with the Xbox app. Just like the game console, the app will allow you to check gaming stats, activity, chat with friends, and even play games. That’s right, with the integration of the game console and computer, gamers can now stream their Xbox games to their computers. Now you don’t have to fight for the TV to play.

Siri, Who?

The digital assistant and all of her intelligent search and organization capabilities are now available to PC users. Want to launch a program but don’t feel like looking for it? Want to know when the next Cubs game is? Want to schedule out a lunch date with your friend from out-of-town? Cortana’s got your back. Cortana is also built into Microsoft Edge, providing useful information while surfing the web, including reviews or directions for destinations you’re viewing.

When it comes to getting a user-friendly experience that keeps you updated, organized, and entertained, you’ve got it with the Windows 10 update.

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