Is The Wait For The Surface Pro 5 Finally Over?

The wait for the Surface Pro 5 may soon be coming to an end.

While details on the official release date and features are pending, rumors on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 have continued to circulate.

Release date rumors suggest one of the following (according to a recent article by Yibada):

  • The “laplet” will be released in the next few weeks, strategically before Apple’s newest version of the Macbook Pro releases on June 13.
  • If not, it may not release until next year, closer to when the Windows 10 update is released, as waiting for a lineup of new Microsoft devices was the reason for the delay on the OS update.

Product feature rumors suggest:

  • The Surface Pro 5 will include an Ultra HD display with a 3840×2160 pixel resolution.
  • The battery is now powered to last even longer than the 9-hour battery of the Surface Pro 4.
  • Intel’s newest processor, Kaby Lake, will run the “laplet”.
  • Kaby Lake being introduced in Taipei only this month will cause a delay in the 5’s release, pushing it back to 2017.
  • Increased pricing, potentially up to $2,000 for the larger GB versions.
  • A USB-C port.
  • An updated Surface. Microsoft currently boasts a Surface 3, which is a stripped version of the Surface Pro.

New to the Surface Pro? Here’s what you should know about the series of “laplets”:

The Surface Pro’s goal is to serve as an integration of a laptop and a tablet, ultimately allowing you to use this device in place of a laptop. The high-end “laplet” is targeted at businesses and aims to compete with the Macbook computers and other high-powered tablets, like Samsung’s TabPro S.

With the latest version, the Surface Pro 4, we saw quite a few features:

  • “Skylake” Intel processor
  • Windows 10
  • 3” screen and a 3:2 aspect ratio
  • 16-512 GB of storage
  • The infamous snap-on keyboard
  • Fold-out kickstand
  • A magnetized stylus, versus the previous version’s plastic design
  • Multiple ports, including a USB 3.0 port, a small video display port, a microSD card slot, and an audio jack

Whether we should expect the Surface Pro 5 to release this month or next year, or for it to run on the latest processor and version of Windows OS, we’ll keep wondering alongside you, but we’ll keep you updated.


When the Surface Pro 5 comes out, learn how you can service your “laplet” with us.


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