Using Microsoft Teams? Check Out The Latest Features & Updates

Using Microsoft Teams? Check Out The Latest Features & Updates

New features are added to solutions like Microsoft Teams every month — are you keeping up? Check out the latest round of new features and updates added in October below.

The more you know about the software you use every day, the more productive and effective you will become while you’re using it.

Case in point: if you and your staff are going to use Microsoft Teams on a regular basis, then you would certainly benefit from knowing more about it, right?

That’s why it’s wise to stay up to date with the latest changes Microsoft is making…

October’s Microsoft Teams Updates

Over the course of October, Microsoft rolled out a range of new features for Teams users:

  • Bring A Virtual Whiteboard To Your Next Meeting: The Freehand by Invision app is now fully integrated, allowing users to use a virtual whiteboard for note-taking and brainstorming during Microsoft Teams meetings.
  • See The Notifications You Want To See: New notification settings have been added, allowing you to change what you see, and helping to minimize notifications to exactly the ones you care about. To access, click your profile picture > Settings > Notifications.
  • View Meeting Details: You can now view a meeting’s details from your calendar without opening the meeting. Simply hover the cursor over the event in your calendar and a brief summary of details will pop up for you to review.
  • See Who’s Speaking In Live Captions: Captions generated for your meetings will now attribute to the speaker, based on their name in Microsoft Teams.
  • Control Attendee Audio: Hosts and organizers now have the ability to disable attendee mics to prevent them from unmuting during a meeting. Access this feature in “Meeting options” by toggling “Allow attendees to unmute”.
  • Use These New Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • Start a new conversation — type Alt+Shift+C on PC / Opt+Shift+C on Mac.
    • Reply to a thread — type Alt+Shift+R on PC / Opt+Shift+R on Mac.

These are all examples of the many simple features included in a program you use every day that you might not have been aware of. By taking a few minutes to learn about it, you’ve become a more effective and efficient user.

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