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From the latest in mobile devices to the web browsing, we’ve compiled a brief overview of the best industry happenings of this month.

Wearable Technology

Improvements for the Apple Watch

A few weeks have gone by since the Apple Watch Series 2 has been made available to the public. Though there are some awesome new features, including a GPS and water-resistant protection, users are still looking for more.

Here are the most common features users have requested:

  • A Watch Face Store. Apple Watch competitors offer watch face stores already, so adding this feature to provide more customization would be a great addition to see.
  • An Improved Music Player. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch still has quite a few limitations when it comes to music. It can only store up to 2GB and limits syncing to one playlist at a time. And, music must be downloaded to your iPhone first – via Apple Music only.
  • Workout Tracking. Workouts are currently only tracked and recorded when the Workout app is activated. Competing devices are able to automatically activate workouts when physical activity begins.
  • Keep Watch Face On. Currently, the watch face turns on when you lift up your wrist or tap the screen. The ability to have the watch face on at all times would be convenient, considering that the watch face doesn’t always respond as quickly as it should.
  • An Improved Battery Life. Though you can get about a day and a half to two days of usage versus only a day like the previous version, a power-reliant feature like a GPS can still kill the new watch’s battery quick. Adding a low-power feature to the watch, like the iPhone has, could significantly help users get more usage.

As new watchOS updates are released, we look forward to seeing how Apple can satisfy these requests.

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Artificial Intelligence Backed Up by Major Industry Players

With movies like iRobot and Ex Machina, the world’s fascination with the mystical concept of artificial intelligence is undeniable. And now this concept could further develop at a much quicker and larger scale, as major tech giants like IBM, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon are teaming up to defy reality.

These companies intend to build a board within the new industry association, Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, that will help make executive decisions on the best practices and ethics for the artificial intelligence industry.

It’ll be incredible to see how these advancements can benefit the IT industry, especially in terms of company productivity.

Web Browsing

The Safest Windows Browser

RIP Internet Explorer. Hello, Microsoft Edge.

We all know that a new, robust Windows browsing experience was well overdue. Microsoft believes that the new browser will not only improve the user experience but will close the gap on security concerns.

Their confidence comes from the new Windows Defender Application Guard. This hardware-based tool will use a container to protect the browser from untrusted sessions. This ultimately will protect both the machine and the rest of the network.

The technology will be available in early 2017 to enterprises. The larger rollout will happen later in the year.

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