Is the Surface Book 2 Coming Soon?

After Microsoft posted on Instagram what appeared to be an all black Surface Book 2 late last month, the world went mad.

Surface Book 2 Coming Soon

However, The Verge uncovered the truth after a Twitter user tweeted that the image was a cropped version of the original Surface Book promo image.

Oddly, Microsoft had a different claim. Windows Central stated that the image was from an internal “sizzler” video to showcase the upgrades to the Surface Book 2.

Regardless of where the image stems, or whether it is the actual Surface Book 2, anticipation is building based on its wavering release rumors.

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Why? Users are anticipating three key updates:

An Updated Hinge
Redesigning the hinge will allow the Surface Book 2 to sit perpendicular to the keyboard, like a standard notebook. This will eliminate the gap that the original version has, making it easier to hold the laptop shut.

A Better Screen
A 4K resolution screen could also make it to the Surface Book 2. The current Surface Book runs on 3,000 x 2,000 resolution, but with the upcoming Intel Kaby Lake’s ability to support 4K video and 3D graphics, a higher resolution screen is undoubtedly necessary.

And as for detaching the screen – a screen that can be detached with or without power would be much more efficient. Microsoft’s “muscle wire” locking technology is powered by electricity, requiring the laptop to be powered on in order to separate the screen and keyboard.

More Power
A higher resolution screen calls for a stronger powered device, of course. More importantly, increasing battery life from only around four hours of battery on the Clipboard and eight hours in the base is necessary.

This also goes for a Surface Pen. Creating a charging dock for the pen rather than powering through AAA batteries would also be ideal. It’s even projected to work better with Windows 10 if an LED indicator light and power button are added.

More storage and connectivity abilities would add to power as well. Simple additions like USB 3.0 ports, a mini DisplayPort and an SD card reader would not only add to connectivity but will make the device potentially VR-capable.

So, what are the latest rumors saying about the Surface Book 2 release date now?

Initially, the 2-in-1 laptop was rumored to be released with the Windows Anniversary Update. Now, speculations point to a release during Redstone 2 alongside other Microsoft devices including the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Phone.

We’ll be sure to report all you need to know about the Surface Book 2 when it finally makes its appearance.

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Photo Credit: Gizmodo

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