Do I Really Need a Firewall?

As technology advances, the technology to compromise it grows along with it. Looking online at the vast amount of cyber protection available can be overwhelming. What programs are actually necessary today?

There are some scams to avoid when obtaining the proper cybersecurity software and hardware for your unique situation. If you are debating on what you need to keep your business safe online, you need to know some of the basic cybersecurity options.

Where do I start?

Anti-malware, anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls, cloud computing, and several other terms are thrown around, but are some of these programs a waste of your time and money? Before you dive into anything else, you first must start by making sure your company is operating on a safe network. An unsecured network is an easy and potentially devastating way to expose your sensitive information.  An excellent way to keep your network safe is to install a firewall.

How does firewall security work?

Firewall security can be defined as a network device that creates a barrier to block untrusted networks from reaching you. Think of it as your insurance policy. If a network is left unprotected, it can make it easier for a hacker to crash the network, delete information, and steal passwords or other viable files. A network that operates without a firewall risks creating “holes” in the infrastructure of its security network. These holes are created when unauthorized users try to break into your network. Over time, these attempted attacks break through the network security leaving an open door to hackers, keyloggers and trojans to access your data.

Do I really need a firewall?

Yes! From a business perspective, it is an investment for a company to have firewall protection. Not only is it keeping your network safe, but it is saving you money you would spend on cyber breaches in the future.

Still not convinced?

Here are five reasons that your company would benefit from installing a firewall:

The business world’s constant use of high-speed internet

Today, most business is done online where employees are connecting to whatever wifi is available to get their work done. Wifi servers can easily get hacked, but a firewall can help protect your devices and intelligence.

The overwhelming stress about IT

Don’t let solving IT issues become your company’s full-time job. Installing a firewall can get you back to your real goals.

The failure of basic network security

Network security weakens over time, especially with multiple users. Having multiple users means having more room for errors and mistakes.  

The ability to block sites for improved security and employee productivity

Whether you end up blocking unsecured sites or removing Facebook and Twitter so your employees regain their focus on projects, it’s a real timesaver.

The loss of your valuable information

Putting your own information or private information of your business in jeopardy is not worth the risk. Without the proper network security, you are gambling away much more than a paycheck.

Need help deciding what firewall provider is right for you?

Learn more about your options with Outsource Solutions Group, and start building a stronger network today.

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