Ransomware Protection: What You Need to Know

“It’s true that there’s an increase in focus on attacking corporate entities.” – Grayson Milbourne, Security Intelligence Director for Internet Security Firm Webroot.

Company breaches of personally identifiable information (PII) happened in stunning proportions in 2015, and now, in 2016, ransomware appears to be similarly scary. Scarier still, few of the popular operating systems are immune to ransomware. Security experts now see ransomware targeting nearly every operating system platform, including Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Ransomware is a malware that restricts access to infected computers and demands that the user pays a ransom to the malware operators to remove the infection. Some forms of ransomware encrypt files on the system’s hard drive, which become difficult or impossible to decrypt without paying the ransom for the encryption key. Other forms lock the system and display messages intended to coax the user into paying. Ransomware typically propagates as a trojan, whose contents are camouflaged as seemingly legitimate files.

Experts insist paying the ransom is not an option. Paying ransoms only funds more criminal activity.

Like much of the malware out there, ransomware finds its way onto systems through untrusted sites and attachments.

PCmag.com had the following to say about ransomware protection:

“The major tenets of avoiding an infection are similar to those for avoiding malware in general: install security software, keep your operating system and applications up to date, and don’t visit any suspicious sites or open email attachments from unknown sources.”

The security experts PCmag.com spoke with were hopeful. “In the 40 years that malware has been around, we’ve found ways to defeat families of malware,” said Andrew Hayter, a security evangelist. “Catching up with the bad guys has always been the problem. They always seem to be one step ahead. But I think there’s hope on the way in a very short amount of time. The anti-malware industry cannot wait. This is a rush job. This is an emergency.”

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