Ransomware Creators Miraculously Surrender

TeslaCrypt, the new cryptographic malware that went loose on the internet a few weeks back, may no longer be a threat to your files.

TeslaCrypt, very similar in operation to CryptoLocker, captured files like documents, spreadsheets, pictures, and videos, and then adjusted their crypto-malware to reach even more victims after attacking the original person. And of course, the only way for victims to get their files back was to pay a ransom.

However, according to a recent article by Geek, TeslaCrypt has made hacker history by reversing their destruction. First, the malware was disabled. Then, they released their master encryption key to allow white hats to decrypt the malware and repair gamer files.

The motivation for their seemingly random decision has yet to be determined, but TeslaCrypt had been under watch for a while. ESET security researchers recently noticed a decrease in TeslaCrypt’s activity, followed by their distribution center gradually beginning to distribute different ransomware by the name of CryptXXX.

Quite surprisingly, to get down to the bottom of the change in activity, all ESET had to do was contact the TeslaCrypt creators through the malware payment website’s chat feature. TeslaCrypt, without hesitation, gave access to their master encryption key through the website, and even accompanied it with an apology.

Though this type of malware targeted gamers, malware can affect anyone.

So this raises an obvious question – how do you protect yourself from attacks like this?

When it comes to your precious files, always have a good backup. As long as you have an up-to-date backup of your files in a safe place, you’re at less risk of permanently losing all of your data.

Your second step is to invest in computer protection. And lucky for you, OSG has the perfect solutions.

First, we will conduct a network and disaster recovery evaluation and audit. Through this, we will provide you with an impartial third-party assessment of computer hardware and software systems, which will give you the ability to recover those systems.

To protect your computer from future attacks, we’ll provide you with computer protection solutions. We offer popular hardware and software providers, such as Cisco. These firewall providers will block unauthorized access by filtering all messages and blocking those that don’t meet the specified security criteria.

Get the protection your company computers deserve. Set up an appointment with us today.

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