PC vs Mac Olympics: Who Gets the Gold?

It’s interesting how similar Windows and Mac have become over the years. At one point, Windows was without a doubt the most commonly used operating system. This made it challenging to switch over to a Mac, especially when the market offered so many Windows-innate programs.

These days, the rivalry between the two has become tight, and it might become a bit challenging to tell which one is best for you.

We’ve laid it out clearly for you below – here’s why you should buy Windows:

1. Device Variety

Think about the computers Apple offers – the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. And only one desktop – the iMac.

Not only does Windows provide a variety of laptops and desktops to choose from (and from many different brands,) but they also offer hybrids. Experience the fun of turning your computer into a tablet with a hybrid laptop – something Mac doesn’t have. Even with the iPad Pro available in 12.9” that you can add the “Smart Keyboard” onto, it just doesn’t compare to the 13” and 15” inch convertible laptops you can find running Windows that give you the true functionality of an actual laptop.

And as for pricing for Macs and PCs, Mac’s cheapest computer is nearly double the amount of the cheapest PC.

2. Gaming Variety

Just as many brands allow their computers to run Windows, gaming follows the same concept. Because Windows has been such a dominant force in operating systems for so long, you’ll find that the largest variety of games runs only through Windows. Plus, with Windows’ flexibility, you’re able to customize your system to your liking to get the most of out of your gaming experience.

Get the best support for the best type of computer.

3. Value

Look at it like this. As mentioned prior, the cheapest Mac Mini can cost you double the cheapest price for PCs. However, the Mac Mini will only get you integrated graphics, limited storage, and no monitor, which will incur additional costs for you down the road. A Windows computer, whether purchasing just the computer or an all-in-one system, will provide the best value.

4. Software

Over the last five years or so, many companies have now made versions of their software available for Mac (let’s not forget Microsoft Office for Mac). But we’re confident that one thing about Windows will overrule Apple every time: the abundance of free software. With the variety of shareware and free downloads for almost all the software you’d ever need, why wouldn’t you choose Windows?

With Windows, you get the best variety, from devices to software. More importantly, you’ll get the most cost-efficient value.

And with OSG, you’ll get the best support for all of your Windows needs. Give us a try.


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