The Many Benefits of Help Desk IT Support

Like anything else, not all help desks are created equal.

Most (if not all) operating systems have their own built-in help desk-type function, though we’d be lying if we said these were a good option.

Truth is, navigating through a questionnaire that’s meant to troubleshoot common issues usually won’t do too much for you. The steps will often walk you through commonplace setup errors without giving any personalized guidance.

What’s better? Personal communication with an experienced IT person. No form of troubleshooting can compare to having someone who understands your issue, your desire to have it resolved quickly, and most of all, your frustration.

Help Desk IT Support Benefits

Methods of Contact

Want to pick up the phone and call in your issue? No problem, our number is 630-236-6625 (Select Option 2). Emergency after hours calls? We’re on it, dial 1-331-452-3553.

Don’t have time to sit on the phone all day? Send us an email at and ask about our online portal.

We’re There With You

By utilizing our support portal, you can quickly and easily share your screen with us, and vice versa. We’ll walk you through each step of the process to make sure you aren’t left guessing. Let’s get this thing fixed.

Single Point of Contact

Tired of talking to recordings, being placed on hold, and never talking to the same person twice? With OSG, you can kiss those days goodbye. You’ll have one single person who will walk you through your problems, allowing you to gain familiarity and comfortability as we work towards a solution.

Tracking & Documentation

IT can be perceived as insanity to some, but rest assured that there’s a method to the madness on our end. We manage all Help Desk requests with our incident tracking system. This system allows us to track user requests and issues each person their own unique ticket number for reference.

Expert Analysis in the Palm of Your Hand

When you speak to an OSG tech guru, you’re speaking to a highly trained, experienced professional who knows that you need the problem solved quickly and efficiently. You won’t hear any flowery tech language unless you ask for it, and we won’t waste any time in getting to the root of the problem.

Let us help you choose and put the right IT Help Desk plan in place to help effectively manage your day-to-day business environment.

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