Managed Services: The Smart Choice in IT Support

Back in the Day

Yes, we are talking about the dinosaur dial-up days of computing with the huge monitors and the vague knowledge of internet security measures. When internet and computer use became more affordable and mainstream, there was not a concrete plan of action for what would happen if things malfunctioned or crashed and who would handle it. The user would call the company from which they bought their technological devices, and the company would work out a solution to solve their problem. IT departments that specialize in such areas were few and far between.

The system would operate simply. When something was broken, they would find a way to fix it. This method worked fine for a while, but then the world shifted toward a greater dependence on technology for running their businesses and everyday lives. A new form of IT support needed to be put in place. Hence, the IT departments were born — where people were trained in how to fix all of the technological errors the average user faced.

The Era of Change

Now that technology is so advanced, the methods to solving IT problems have expanded. However, managed IT services are more than just an IT department with all the right answers to your computing woes. A managed service provider (MSP) is there to help you stay proactive on your network updates, security, and functionality. This proactive approach to IT care greatly reduces instances such as networks being hacked or hard drives crashing. An MSP is there to change with you as your needs grow and the dynamics of the web continue to transform.

So what are some of the features that are included in the managed service program?

Firewall Support

Investing in a quality firewall solution is a necessary investment in the protection of your business data and user productivity.This is because your firewall is the first line of defense in an attack on your network. OSG’s Firewall support team will set you up with the appropriate solution for your business needs. With this solution, your system is ready to handle the proper amount of use and security measures calculated to fit your organization.

When your business’s data is on the line, there is no room to mess around. With managed services, your network can stay up on the latest security threats and updates to keep unwanted users from interfering with your operations. Think of managed services in the same way as if someone were automatically monitoring and performing oil changes for your car. If you want things running smoothly, check-ups and maintenance are a necessity.  

Internet Security

Internet security should be an obvious investment to include within your network bundle but what is it really doing for you? The internet is naturally a free-flowing space of information. As unique as this design is, that means that any data you are transmitting or receiving through the internet is not inherently secure. Internet security is an organized defense system put in place to stop your private information from being accessed by others on the web.

OSG can design and implement an industry-leading internet security solution that will actively scan and filter your company’s internet traffic. As an extra advantage, managed services can then keep you in the know on the newest internet security issues and implement any changes that are needed.

Virus, Ransomware, Spyware and Malware Detection & Removal

Hackers are getting smarter and viruses are getting better and harder to block and remove. Having something in place to prevent malware, ransomware, and other viruses from attacking your network is vital for an everyday user and even more essential for a business. There may be little to no signs of a virus on your computer, at first. Maybe things are just moving a little slower? You need to know what you are truly dealing with in order to make sure that the side-effects of the virus are not lingering on your device waiting to strike.

Even if you download free virus protection from the internet to solve your problems, it is often more complicated than that. An IT professional should be looking further into what virus and spyware protection you need for your particular situation. For instance, if ransomware has attacked your computer, you may be told that the only way to get it removed is to pay a fee to the hacker.

This is why it is best to let the pros crack the code for you and stop these things from happening in the future. Knowing how your network is primarily used can help shape the best virus protection strategy for you. Some virus attacks are not easily reversed, so having that protection set up in advance can eliminate the hassle and expense of dealing with these issues altogether.

Once you have the right virus protection plan, any detection and removal of viruses or spyware should be done by someone that has the proper training. If anything is done incorrectly or missed, it can cause you to deal with leaks or errors in your network down the road.

Email Phishing & Training

Why pick a lock when you simply can ask to be let in? Hacker’s techniques for email phishing
have evolved to include both technology and age-old social engineering, resulting in targeted and adaptive attacks.

With the constant evolution of these attacks, staff education and awareness are your greatest assets in the business security toolbox. OSG provides customers with the best platforms to measure your team’s susceptibility to a phishing attack as well as an awareness program that will arm them with what they need to protect your organization against future attacks.

I am interested in hearing more about managed IT services.

OSG’s Managed Services Program provides so much more than these security services. Want to find out more about your managed services options? Are you ready to upgrade your software and security components? Contact us to learn more about keeping your network safe and reliable.

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