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In the beginning, there was no such thing as layered security. Early rulers learned the hard way that it takes more than walls and cannons to solidify a kingdom; it takes strategy and intel. The modern digital kingdom is no different.

Security threats grow more sophisticated every day. It’s not just suspicious, attention-grabbing email headlines anymore. Hackers are not intimidated by anything; the more walls you put up, the more advanced their tools to break them down will become. Outbreaks of malware and ransomware variants WannaCry and the more recent Petya 2.0 ransomware have shown the vulnerability of even the most advanced systems when faced with malicious encryption tactics. Petya 2.0 swept the globe in June by encrypting users’ Master Boot Record (MBR), which completely locks victims out of their computers until they pay ransom to a wallet address and their received unique ID is emailed to the attacker. Then – and only then – a decryption key is entered. The need for more extensive protection has never been more prevalent.

This is where layered security solutions should take the wheel. Layered security solutions, as the name implies, combine multiple security “layers” and controls to protect critical data. It helps users think outside their scope of risk and accounts for threats humans simply aren’t able to do around-the-clock. Network security services benefit from the added reinforcement, able to now keep pace with mounted threats.


One of the many ways service providers can ensure optimal protection for customers is WatchGuardⓇ Total Security products. WatchGuard’s services offer some of the most affordable, flexible and scalable solutions on the market that OSG fully trusts reselling. Small and midsized businesses will especially appreciate that these first-rate services don’t come with an overwhelming price tag. Once WatchGuard is implemented, customers will notice a significant difference on their bottom lines and in their own peace of mind.

Among the advantages of having WatchGuard is its set of fundamental security services:

  1. Intrusion prevention services
  2. Reputation enabled defense service (RED)
  3. Network discovery
  4. Webblocker URL filtering
  5. Application control
  6. Spamblocker

These components utilize the latest in cloud technology, working together to interpret data, monitor traffic, identify risks, and block malicious sites before they have the chance to break through your firewall. Underpinning the technology is the importance of heuristic analysis. Heuristic analysis refers to the detection of previously unknown viruses and new variants of currently “wild” viruses. Similar to the widely known sandboxing process, deploying software with heuristic tendencies will ensure nothing slips through the cracks that you don’t know about and enable you to conduct further testing.

If customers select WatchGuard’s advanced services, customers receive these additional benefits of next-generation bonuses:

  1. APT Advanced Malware Protection Blocker
  2. Data loss prevention
  3. Dimension command
  4. Threat detection & response

This is a more robust set of capabilities that adheres to specific needs and allows users full control from one console. It does not simply alert you of confusing and skeptical data, but turns it into actionable intelligence. It takes prevention to a whole new level by adding correlation, detection, and response mechanisms that act on your behalf.


WatchGuard’s solutions bring to light an important trend in network security: endpoint security. Endpoint security is a centralized approach to safeguarding endpoints. Endpoints are servers, PC’s, desktops, smartphones, and other devices that can be connected to a network. An endpoint is created when a device is hooked up to a network remotely, where it makes an ideal entry for threats. Endpoint security is about closing these loops to protect the overall network and providing easier security management from a central console.

Endpoint security has been a main topic of discussion for IT professionals because of its increasing relevance. More and more companies are allowing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, which enable employees to bring their own preferred device (laptop or mobile phone) or work remotely by connecting to the company server. The more remote devices linked to the company server, the more entry points for malware, and therefore higher potential for infection. Smartphones are especially prone to hacking; there’s been a steady rise over the past few years in mobile ransomware. The most prolific offenders are forms of malware that bypass Android protection mechanisms, enter through Google Play and other ads, and gain super-user privileges. Having endpoint-conscious software decreases these risks by giving customers a greater sphere of control and supplementing centralized security measures.

It’s important to note, however, that an endpoint security solution is not equal to antivirus software. The main goal of endpoint security is to secure entire networks by creating a barrier to entry. Individual devices still bear responsibility to protect themselves. It is recommended to utilize an antivirus solution with endpoint security to optimize your layered approach.


WatchGuard’s Threat Detection & Response (TDR) is an answer to well-coordinated cyber attacks on endpoints. TDR correlates network and endpoint security events with threat intelligence to identify, prioritize, and enable immediate action to stop malware attacks in their tracks. With its ThreatSync cloud-based correlation, users are able to harvest data from a WatchGuard firebox that computes a comprehensive threat score from corresponding threat intelligence levels. This ultimately leads to higher visibility because the network is constantly kept up-to-date on all event information. Visibility in software engineering is the ability to measure actual progress or status against your goals. In this case, 100 percent security (zero percent penetration) would be the goal, and any actual deviations would be counted in the threat score.

The more the system is able to leverage analytics, the better deployment times will be and ransomware will be halted for good. The Host Ransomware Prevention (HRP) module makes sure this is possible by monitoring any ransomware-specific activity and ending it before it wreaks complete havoc. Small to medium-sized firms will reap all the reward from third-party threat intelligence, which is normally restricted to larger corporations.

Ready to add more layers to your security plan? Contact OSG to get started on your own WatchGuardⓇ Solution package!


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