Why Outsource IT Solutions Doesn’t Charge for After-Hours Support

Outsource IT Solutions Provides Affordable Support By Not Charging For After-Hours Assistance

Whenever someone is looking for an MSP, they look into a variety of factors before making a selection, such as:

  • Level of expertise
  • Customer reviews
  • Range of services
  • After-hours support

After-hours support is often a HUGE factor in determining whether or not an MSP is right for you. After all, we live in a world where technology plays a critical role in our day-to-day operations. We’re able to collaborate with one another – from sharing files to sending emails, along with storing sensitive information, communicating with clients, processing payments, and much more.

In today’s day and age where virtually all businesses rely on hardware, software, and other computing resources, technology problems have a direct impact on our efficiency, productivity, and of course, our bottom line. We simply can’t afford downtime, even if it’s after-hours. That’s where after-hours support comes in handy.

After-Hours Support Can Be Incredibly Costly For the Average Business

Downtime can be costly, there’s no denying that. After-hours support can be costly too. For the average business, an outage outside of regular business hours results in paying a hefty hourly rate for their technology partner to come in and resolve the issue. Although after-hours support is an integral feature in any managed services offering, how much is too much to pay for it?

Outsource IT Solutions believes any cost outside of your managed services plan is too much. We include after-hours support for our fully managed clients because we know it’s important to keep your technology, and ultimately, your business running at peak performance. We have an on-call team of technology experts who are reachable through:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Web portal

They’re able to assist you with any sort of emergency after-hours, whether it’s done remotely or they come onsite, to make sure your technology is functioning optimally ALL the time. We don’t charge extra, and with that, we saved our clients $430,958.69 last year. Why? Because we strongly believe that technology support should be all-inclusive because our end goal is the same, regardless of the time: keeping you operating efficiently to achieve your organizational objectives.

In many cases, waiting until the next day to resolve an issue results in more time, resources, and effort being put into resolution after the fact. We prefer to catch problems immediately so we can resolve them quickly – leaving you with less downtime overall.

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