Is Citrix the Solution for Your Business?

Cutting down on IT costs, improving collaboration, and maintaining security.

Any of that ring a bell? Businesses everywhere are migrating towards a new desktop transformation – one that includes less hassle, a centralized database/file system, and universal accessibility.

Let’s face it, small businesses don’t have the time or resources to deal with petty updates or errors. The need for file sharing and collaboration is more important than ever, and companies are struggling to stay ahead of the curve with creative solutions.

Meet Citrix, a one-stop desktop virtualization tool. There are plenty of its kind out there, but Citrix sets itself apart for the following reasons:

Mobility – Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

There’s no such thing as a sick day anymore. Citrix Workspace Suite delivers unprecedented access to company files and databases. Employees are able to access their desktop computer from anyplace, anywhere, and on any device. Of course, data can be protected as well. Security is paramount in today’s workplace, and Citrix knows that. With encryption and remote wipe security technologies at the forefront of their mobile initiative, your business can rest assured that its workspace is secure.

Utilize Windows 10 Immediately

Windows 10 is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and sleek operating systems available today. With companies across the globe making the switch to the new OS at a breakneck pace, it’s time to get on board the hype train. Citrix’s XenDesktop has the ability to roll out Windows 10 to your entire office simultaneously, while keeping everyone’s data secure in the data center. The migration tool allows users instant-access to critical business apps as soon as the update is complete, assuring that no one wastes any time getting set up on their own.

Cloud Networking Solutions

Everything is in the cloud nowadays, but security, speed, and availability set Citrix apart from its competitors. Citrix uses NetScaler L4-7 load balancing to bring complete availability across the board. Likewise, the cloud is extremely flexible, transparent, and elastic to fit all types of business.

Want to learn more about Citrix and its implementation? Let us know.

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