Is iOS 10 Letting its Guard Down?

The highly anticipated iOS 10 update is coming to us this fall, and Apple is claiming it’s the biggest update yet, as it’s coined the slogan, “Big. Bold. Beautiful.”

Before we tell you how the update is letting its guard down, here are the coolest features you should know about:

  • Write a handwritten note in your text messages. Friends will even see the animated message as you’re writing.
  • Or, write in invisible ink. Friends will simply swipe to access the invisible message. This can also be done with pictures.
  • iMessage apps. Use your favorite apps while using Messages.
  • The Maps app now allows you to books reservations.
  • Siri can now access apps, such as Lyft or Square.
  • Home app. Now you can control your locks, shades, and more in the palm of your hand.
  • Raise to wake. Turn your phone’s screen on even easier by simply raising your phone.
  • Rich Notifications. Now your can respond to messages and view photos/videos right from your home screen.
  • Shop online easily with the Apple Pay feature in your browser.

Catch the rest of the iOS 10 features on Apple’s site.

One very interesting new addition to iOS 10 is an unencrypted kernel. This shocking discovery was found within the beta version last month. Whether it’s a mistake or Apple is actually becoming lax is yet to be determined.

A strong speculation is that Apple could be letting its guard down to calm the backlash they received from the FBI and press after refusing to have their system unencrypted after the San Bernardino shooting in February.

On the plus side, having access to this kernel allows researchers to easily find and report that the coding within the update is free of security issues. On the contrary, this also means that if there were issues, these can be reported and possibly even steer people away from iOS 10.

And even worse, this can lure malicious agents to corrupt the system.

Regardless of the situation, there’s still plenty of excitement to have with the upcoming iOS 10 update. And luckily, the unencrypted kernel, (if it were to cause any serious potential security issues), was caught early, so we can have a smoother running operating system once it’s released to the public.

Prep your iPhone or iPad for the new iOS 10 update with us. Get started today.

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