Your Company Needs an Intranet Network. Here’s Why.

An Intranet network, or a private network accessible only by that organization’s staff, can be a great tool for a business or company of any size.

Nielsen Norman Group researched what companies use Intranet and why it would be a good choice for a company. While the number of employees is a factor in deciding to use Intranet, even small businesses can utilize it.

ITNews also lists an Intranet network as a great way to keep employees in the loop.

Small businesses that have multiple offices, employees working remotely, high turnover rates or poor internal communication can benefit from Intranet. In a multi-office company, Intranet with a team space or social feature can streamline employee communication – even at different locations.

And with more people working remotely, this can be a great tool for those individuals as well. Intranet networks can provide collaboration tools to ensure employees who work remotely can be included in all communications.

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Switching to an Intranet network will also ensure that your employees will have less clogged inboxes. Without intranet, employees will send out mass emails about every topic. Too many emails can become time-consuming and stressful, and important information can get lost among the endless heaps of junk.

With an Intranet network, emails can be used only for truly time-sensitive information. Other internal updates can be shared using your network.

Communications can also be improved, and employees can easily find the most up-to-date files. File-sharing solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive can be helpful, but it is still difficult to find the right and current information. The most updated policies, customer information and sales can be organized and shared with everyone via Intranet instead.

This will help any company make communications more efficient and allow employees to easily access any information they may need.

If you decide to install an Intranet network for your company, OSG can help protect your network with firewall support. Let us determine the right firewall configurations for your small business environment.

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