How Well Do You Know Your Microsoft Products?

Sure, everyone’s heard of Microsoft Office these days. We can all type up your typical word document, toss some numbers in an excel file, and for the most part – use Microsoft Windows.

But how much do you really know about Microsoft products? There’s quite a bit more to it than meets the eye initially. As a long-term Microsoft partner, we know the ins & the outs of the software like no one else. Here’s a little bit of a breakdown on some of their best services.

Microsoft Office 365

As we mentioned above, Microsoft Office is widely known. Office 365 is just a bit different though, and if you don’t know all the details – you’re in for a treat. The software bundle includes not only Microsoft Office, but SharePoint Online, Exchange Online (which we’ll talk about later) and Lync Online. Obviously, the online aspect is huge here, as it allows multiple users to access the same files simultaneously through the cloud.

Skype for Business 

In 2015, Microsoft took it upon themselves to merge Skype and its close business associate, Lync. The fusion migrated millions of Skype users into the business environment. Skype is widely used in the business world today, and it provides a one-stop experience for all things video, voice, and instant messaging across the world.

Microsoft Exchange Online

Having the correct email client at your disposal can open up the door to increased productivity across the board. Exchange combines your usual email account with calendaring, contacts, tasks, access to information, and support for data storage. Plus, it works amazingly well on mobile devices – synching and collaborating with the desktop client to deliver up-to-the-minute results.

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 blends everything you’ve ever known and loved from its predecessors and combines it with cutting-edge features across the board. The Start Menu is finally back, and all of its old functionality is back with it. Your own personal voice assistant, Cortana, is also integrated into Windows 10. Think of Cortana as a secretary – she searches the web, sends email, and sets reminders for you on command. Oh, and Windows 10 isn’t just contained to PCs either. Both Windows Phone and Xbox consoles are powered by the all-inclusive operating system.


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