How to Check if You’re Infected by Gooligan Virus

Gooligan Hack Affects 1 Million Android Users

Gooligan virus malware has infected over a million smartphones and is posing a grave threat to Android users worldwide.

The Gooligan virus steals authentication tokens that can be used to access data from Google Play, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, G Suite, Google Drive and more.

74 percent of the devices in the market could be affected by the malware, which generally affects the following KitKat, Jelly Bean and Lollipop OS. More than half of such phones are in Asia itself. The IT security firm Check Point listed the apps, which if downloaded, will infect your smartphone with malware. Users can also check if their account has been compromised or not by accessing

For more information on how Gooligan works, check out the infographic below (courtesy of @TheHackerNews). What should you do if you are infected? Contact one of OSG’s mobile security experts today at or call us at (630) 283-7774.

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