First Look: Microsoft’s Massive New Windows Anniversary Update

Microsoft’s new anniversary update has been rolled out to Windows Insiders, and the reviews thus far have been fairly positive.

The company’s new Windows 10 Anniversary preview includes updates to the Action Center, Windows Ink, Cortana, and a completely overhauled interface. It’s a large step forward to be sure, but with any large project of this scale, there are sure to be bugs.

“For PC this is a major build, packed with lots of new features and improvements including Windows Ink, updated Start and more,” said Vice President of WDG Engineering Systems Gabe Aul. “With the amount of code change in this build there are going to be some rough edges, some of which are called out in the known issues.”

While the official release will assuredly have many of these bugs taken care of, it’s unclear just how buggy the final product will be at this point.

On a lighter note, Microsoft’s start menu has been completely redesigned with a sleek new interface to make navigation easier than ever. Most notably, the company has tweaked it to make it consistent across all platforms, including mobile.

Cortana’s enhanced features also allow users further access to voice-enabled functions that were previously nonexistent. You’ll now be able to speak to Cortana through the lock screen, although this function is limited for security purposes.

The Windows Ink Workspace attaches to the right side of the desktop, where an array of pen-enabled apps allow users to draw on full-sized screen captures or draw their own reminders. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge, and Bing Maps all feature varying degrees of Ink.

If you’re looking to upgrade your business to the new Windows 10 update, Outsource Solutions Group can help you learn more about the new functionalities and how to enhance employee productivity with its new tools. We’ve been providing comprehensive support for all Microsoft products since 1998, and as a long-term Microsoft partner, we have many Microsoft support certifications.

It’s unwise to upgrade to the new update without understanding all of the “known issues” and how to deal with them. Contact us and learn how to deal with potential pitfalls before you make the switch to the new upgrade.

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