What is Exclaimer Email Signature? (Features/Benefits)

The Benefits and Features of Exclaimer Email Signatures

Branding is essential in today’s business dynamics. It allows you to sell to your customers or prospects what you want them to know about you and your organization firsthand. Exclaimer Email Signatures is a twenty-first-century branding technique that works more in the fashion of a digital business card.

Benefits and Features of Exclaimer Email Signatures

Getting Started: What is Exclaimer Email Signature?

An email signature is a block of text that is preprogrammed to affix itself at the bottom of any email message you send. Exclaimer Cloud-Signatures is an email organizational tool in which administrators can remotely generate email Signatures for all users through the internet. The tool is compatible with all device systems; Windows, Android, and IOS.

How Does Exclaimer Email Signature Work?

Exclaimer Signature Manager lets administrators control every user’s email signature centrally, and update them all in a single click. It can be installed and used on a desktop PC or a server, saving your signature zip files to a shared network area called a Deployment Share. It also puts a light-weight program called ExSync in the deployment share, which will distribute Signatures to each user’s Outlook without add-ins or local installations. A log-on script sets the user’s PC to run ExSync to apply updates the moment they log in. Whenever a change is made, users may have to restart Outlook to receive new Signatures.

How Can You Set Up And Use Exclaimer Email Signature Managers?

1. If you have separate user and admin accounts, log in as a domain administrator

What do you need to get started?

  • An administrator mailbox to which Exclaimer will send all the alerts. Exclaimer also writes all changes and activities to your events log.
  • You also need to assign a Deployment Share where Exclaimer will save all your Signatures. It should be a shared network folder. All the users have to do is access the folder, and the Signature Manager will assign them an email signature.

It is recommended that you create a New Folder for ease of organization. Putting it on the same PC with the Signature manager console is the simplest option. In larger environments, the deployment share is placed on a Windows server.

2. Create a New Folder With an Apt Name

i.e., Signatures, then share it with the users. Signature Manager will automatically correct any issues regarding permissions and securities.

Ensure the deployment network is accessible over your network and turn on Network Discovery to enable you to browse to it through RUI; select it in the setup wizard.

3. Create Your Policies

set conditions to decide who should receive which Signature based on distribution groups, security groups, or organizational units. By default, it’s set to only apply to the user that is logged in, making it easy to test your Signature before broader deployment.

4. Proceed to set a template for your Signatures

Name and contact details are completed for each user automatically, with data taken from AD, then all you have to do is to pick a template and add an image.

How Do You Customize Your Exclaimer’s User Interface?

Besides the plug and play option in the wizard section, Exclaimer’s user interface (UI) allows for customization. Exclaimer’s UI also supports previews of the created Signatures.

  • Set a log-on script to enable users’ machines to run ExSync at log-on. This can be done in two simple steps:
    • Run NotePad and leave it open.
    • Find the net log-on Folder on your domain controller and drag the log-on script file into NotePad.
  • Copy the address to the deployment share you created earlier, paste it into NotePad and add exsync.exe after it. Then click Save and your Signature email will be ready for deployment.

Features Of Exclaimer Email Signatures

  1. It Allows You to Create Reusable Signature Templates: Exclaimer has ready-made, high-quality signature templates from which administrators can choose. Alternatively, they can fully customize the templates through the user interface to meet their tastes and preferences. These templates are stored and can be accessed anytime for customization or reuse.
  2. You Get an Exclaimer’s UI With an Integrated Policy Tester: Administrators can test and preview created templates for compliance with internal signature policies before finally deploying them to the users.
  3. You Can Use the Remote Central Console to Deploy Signatures to Users: This allows administrators to remotely deploy signatures to users via the Cloud, regardless of their locations. Signatures are appended at the server level; hence they are automatically affixed to emails going through the organization’s Exchange server.

Benefits Of Exclaimer Email Signatures

  • You’ll be more consistent with your brand: The fact that all emails going through the company’s Exchange server are automatically stamped by one Signature template guarantees all users’ email signatures will be on-brand. This protects the enterprise’s image since only administrators control the content of the Signature.
  • It is simple to use: While the setup procedure is a little lengthy, subsequent deployment functions are largely automated. Exclaimer also automatically extracts the user’s details from the AD database.
  • You’ll be able to integrate your marketing and branding: Besides helping your customers recognize your brand instantly, Exclaimer Signatures allow for the integration of promotional banners to inform your patrons of any discounts. Perhaps the biggest perk of Exclaimer Email Signatures is integration and simplification of the creation of signatures.
  • You’ll enhance your email’s data security: Following closely is how efficiently it enhances the security of your emails’ data. If the deployment share does not have the correct security and sharing settings, Exclaimer automatically configures them for you.

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