Why Every Business Should Invest in Having a Server

Is a desktop computer the same thing as a server? Though many people might think it is, that’s not the case. A desktop gets by with the minimal hardware requirements it needs to keep your network functioning at bay. Even a desktop that can run at the same speed as a server and has the same amount of memory storage doesn’t compare to having a REAL server.

Why is this?

The blueprints for the design of a desktop and the design of a server are not built for the same functionality. A server’s design purpose is to manage, send, process, and store data for your network. Not only is the server responsible for this, but it is meant to run these functions 24/7. The standard desktop computer is not built with the advanced capabilities to operate this way, leaving you and your employees’ work susceptible to data loss and program crashes. Work is too valuable to lose, and you need to know that your system is reliable. Reliability is one of the key reasons your business should invest in a server.

What is a server?

A server is a computer system that manages the other applications on your computer and any other devices that are connected to your network. Some of these applications might include POS, email, accounting, and more. The features of a server that give it the manpower it needs are dual processors, redundant hard drives, various power supply sources, and swappable components. These items are generally not all present on your desktop computer.

So why should my business invest in a server?

The benefits of a server go beyond its 24/7 reliability. A server is also responsible for the file and network security of all the users in your circle. This feature gives you the ability to create boundaries for the users on your network, locking sensitive files from their viewing and, of course, keeping out unauthorized users from your network completely.

Want centralized data storage and shared resources between users on multiple devices for your business? That’s part of a server’s job! Having centralized data storage means you no longer need to worry about where things are located or being saved because you can assign where you want everything stored through your server. In addition, it also allows you to choose where you would like your files backed up and how often you want the system to backup your information through the server’s centralized backup.

Imagine being able to install virus protection or fix an issue on all the devices in your network at once, from a single administrator computer. A server makes it easy for you to run software on any of the computers in your network. Think about all the time you would save with a server’s shared network perks!

What server should my business use?

If you are looking for the right server that meets your business’s needs or you need help with your current server, take a look at our services page or contact us to answer any specific inquiries.   


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