Email Security Solution

Email Security Solution

Cybercriminals Are Targeting You

Ignore email security and pay the price. A firewall and antivirus software – is not enough. You need a multi-layered approach. I don’t know how many emails you receive in a day but consider this, 1 in 50 emails contain some form of malicious content.

Call 630-701-3393 or email us at to start the discussion. Our only interest is making your network safe and you need to know what we know!

Email is responsible for spreading 92% of all malware, it’s critical to make sure you have the right email security solution in place to protect against dangerous, sophisticated attacks that have the ability to:

  • Hold all of your data and systems hostage and demand a huge ransom in exchange for access.
  • Steal confidential data belonging to your staff and/or customers and sell it on the dark web. How would you like you customers impacted by YOUR network compromise?
  • Render your systems unusable – costing you tens of thousands in restoration and/or lost productivity time. Nothing better than employees sitting around doing nothing!

Outsource IT Solutions Group takes email security seriously. FireEye, our partner of choice, is a leading provider of email security solutions that keep the most highly exploited channel safe with advanced measures. This is available:

  • On-premises: An appliance or virtual sensor that blocks malware and spear-phishing emails while leveraging real-time updates to prioritize the most urgent threats.
  • In the cloud: For those with cloud-based email environments, this add-on simply makes sense – integrating seamlessly with email systems to protect against malware and spear-phishing emails.

Regardless of which option best suits your environment, this email security solution is comprehensive with the features modern businesses need to stay safe against advanced, sophisticated threats:

  • Detects and blocks unknown malicious attacks.
  • Inspects URLS to identify links to credential-phishing sites, then rewrites URLs.
  • Detects and alerts on URLs that will go live upon delivery of the email.
  • Blocks email as soon as new campaigns are discovered.
  • Analyzes each and every attachment received to determine which ones are threats.
  • Removes emails from inboxes that are known to be malicious.

Let’s talk about an email security solution that uses machine and victim intelligence to quickly identify risks and block phishing attempts, no matter how evolved they are. Call 630-701-3393 or email us at now.

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