Efficient Computer Clean-Up and Support for Small Businesses in Chicago

Last week, we received a call from a small business in Chicago asking us to take a look at their computers. The woman who called, Susan, told us that the company was having numerous problems with slow computers and computer downtime. This issue was a big problem for them because they were dealing with customers on the phone and in person, and customers were complaining about the wait time. Susan told us that their customer service was suffering and they wanted to fix the problem. We were glad that we knew that our services for computer cleanup in Chicago would make a big difference.

Signs Your Computers Need a Clean-Up

Susan’s story was a familiar one for our company. We often get contacted by companies who are frustrated with their computer support. Our specialty is computer support for small businesses in Chicago, making computers run more efficiently for our customers. How do you know when your computers need a clean-up? Here are the top signs that you should call a computer clean-up expert.

Network Downtime

If you are experiencing network downtime on a regular basis, you need to have a computer clean-up expert in to see what is causing the downtime. While a network may be shut down for maintenance occasionally, those shutdowns are planned. Frequent unplanned network shutdowns are a sign of a conflict or other issues with your system.

Frequent Crashes

Network or computer crashes are another sign that you need a computer clean-up. While it is true that older models of computers may operate slower than newer models, your computer should continue to operate well without crashing unless there is a virus or conflict that is interfering with how it runs. Before you lose files or can’t reboot, give us a call to fix the problem.

Poor Performance

Does it seem like your computer doesn’t work as well as it did when you bought it? It is slow to boot or open programs? Does the internet operate slower than you are used to? Or maybe you get a lot of error messages when you boot or open a window? Any poor performance issues similar to those mentioned are signs that you need a computer clean-up. You may have a virus or a hard drive problem that needs to be repaired.

Hardware Conflicts

Hardware conflicts can also occur. This is when two programs are trying to use the same memory or computer functions at the same time. Symptoms are slow programs or crashes when a specific program is used. You may get unusual screens or messages.

Random PopUps or Ads

If you are getting a lot of popup ads on pages that you never had them before or ads that open when you boot your computer, it is likely that you have contracted a virus or malware has infected your computer. This type of issue can rapidly eat up computer space and become a big problem. Many viruses will eventually shut computers down completely. The sooner you notice unusual popups or ads on your computer and call for computer support to remove the problematic malware, the easier it is to fix. Many of these cannot be removed by free virus scanning programs.

Corrupted Programs

Corrupted programs are another symptom that your computer or network needs a good clean-up. If a program looks different when you open it or parts of the program don’t operate properly when in use, your program may be corrupted. This corruption might be from a virus or malware or it can be a sign that your software or hardware is damaged. You may notice colors are off or buttons and links don’t work.

Any of the signs mentioned on this page are indicators of problems with your computer or network. Call us or visit our website for computer support for small businesses in Chicago.

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