Cybersecurity Education Becoming a Critical Investment for CIOs

As the threat of cyber attacks across the world continues to rise, the International Data Corporation (IDC) has released new insights that show how organizations are struggling to implement the basic safeguards to protect their data.

It’s an urgent concern to be sure, as a lack of internet security can lead to a data breach, system lockout, or even an unauthorized collection of client data.

In a recent article from Tech Writer Darryl Linington, project researchers gave their input on the new data:

“Organisations are at risk all the time because hacking can come from anywhere, and for that reason IDC encourages businesses of all sizes to put practical security measures in place so as to ensure the safety of their data,” says Jon Tullett, a research manager at IDC Sub-Saharan Africa. “A system hack can come from an external source or, sometimes unknowingly, your own employees. A deliberate hacker will also try multiple ways of getting into the company’s system. Therefore, CIOs need to invest more in educating the organisation about security, rather than just the products and applications of security.”

“There are numerous ways in which organisations can protect themselves,” says Tullett. “First, they must learn which cybercrimes are currently most common, and familiarise themselves with the vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are trying to exploit. The different techniques include phishing, malware, and system hacking, and if IT leaders know which cybercrime attempts are most frequently made on their networks, it becomes much easier to educate employees on the matter.”

With no protection against threats, even the simplest hacking methods can derail an otherwise stable business operation. Companies need to have a multiple-layer security system in place to keep invaders out, and they need to implement a response strategy in the event that their infrastructure is infected. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, employees need to be educated on the intricacies of internet security. With employees knowing what to avoid on a daily basis, plenty of potential risks can be eliminated from the get-go.

You can view the rest of the article and its findings here.

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